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Community Solar
SolarEdge and PearlX Bring Affordable Community Solar to Texas
Josh Taub | Jan 20, 2022
Community Solar Project Benefits Low and Middle-Income Renters Just more evidence that solar is the future of accessible, smart energy living! A new press release has announced our exciting… Read more
Weather Guard
Offer Power Outage Protection with Weather Guard
Josh Taub | Jan 13, 2022
Part 3: Uninterrupted Profit—SolarEdge Energy Bank In our third post in this series, we explore the peace-of-mind benefits that come with installing our SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter alongside our… Read more
Residential Battey
Save on Residential Battery Installs with More kWs per String
Josh Taub | Dec 26, 2021
Part 2: Uninterrupted Profit—SolarEdge Energy Bank In our second post in this series, we further explain why installing our award-winning SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter along with our new residential… Read more
home battery
Save Thousands on Home Battery Installs
Josh Taub | Dec 19, 2021
Part 1: Uninterrupted Profit—SolarEdge Energy Bank SolarEdge Energy Bank meets the growing demand for reliable home battery backup when connected to our award-winning, SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter… Read more
Happy Holidays 2021
‘Sunshine Power Gonna Give It to You’
Josh Taub | Dec 18, 2021
It’s that time again. This year, we’ve once again voluntarily chosen to dress up and act a fool for the whole world to enjoy. And thanks to the diligence of our workforce over the past 12 months, we… Read more