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EV Charger homeowners hero banner

Meet the World’s First EV Charging Solar System

2-in-1 Solution Designed to Maximize Your Energy Efficiency and Savings

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Charge Your EV with Solar Energy and Maximize Your Savings

Whether you already own an electric vehicle, or may own one in the future,
charging your EV with solar energy ensures that your driving is both cost efficient and sustainable.

Be future ready and increase the value of your solar investment with SolarEdge's award-winning system: a combined solution that's far more than solar. 

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Charge Your EV with Solar Energy and Maximize Your Savings

Charge faster with Solar boost

Innovative solar boost mode combines grid and  solar power to boost
your charging speed and efficiency.

Use solar boost mode to charge up to 6 times faster than a standard
wall outlet and take full advantage of home solar production.


solar boost


Two Power Sources ➔ Faster Charging

  Level 2 charger solar boost icon Level 2 charger solar boost icon


Level 2 Charger Level 2 Charger +
Solar Boost
Charge rate1
25 30
Max Charge2
(32A @ 240V)
(40A @ 240V)



25% faster than a standard level 2 charger!

(1) Assuming 3 miles/kWh and with a US household average driving distance of 29 miles per day (click to view source).
(2) Check your car manual for maximum charge rate.

You've got the power

Easily track your energy and control charging in one app

  • Activate charging from anywhere
  • Use smart scheduling to charge when when electricity costs are low
  • View charging history and manage your energy savings 


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On the Go Control

Be energy efficient

ENERGY STAR® certified EV charger, uses 40%
less energy than a standard EV charger
when in standby mode to help you save money
on your utility bill

cable energy star
Be energy efficient

No EV Yet? Get Future-Ready!

Get your home EV ready - install the EV charging solar inverter today, and add the cable and holder whenever you’re ready.

  • 9.6kW (40 AMP) level 2 charger 
  • Indoor and outdoor rated
  • Works with all common EV types(4) 
  • Flexible selection of cable lengths(5) 
  • Solar inverter sizes: 3.68kW – 11.4kW
  • Energy efficient: ENERGY STAR® certified


(4) Based on electric vehicles widely available for sale in the US on 1st May 2019.
(5) Cable and holder are sold separately.  Contact your local SolarEdge installer for more information


Not EV yet

Activate Charging Remotely

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Use Smart Scheduling

Use Smart Scheduling image

Maximize your solar usage by charging
your car with excess solar energy

Maximize Your Solar Usage by Charging image

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency and Savings

Save space, cost and hassle icon

Save space, cost and hassle

Integrated EV charging capabilities means saving thousands of dollars
in additional electrical work, product, installation, permitting and
breaker upgrade, not to mention hassle

Drive on sunshine icon

Drive on sunshine

The EV charger that gives you the option to charge
your car 100% from the sun and not from the grid.


Enjoy peace of mind icon

Enjoy peace of mind 

5-year warranty vs.
only 2-4 years for a typical wall charger.(3)



(3) Terms and conditions apply, please see our website for full details.


Drive Your Solar System into the
Future with SolarEdge

Whatever your energy needs are, SolarEdge has a smart solution for you

Plan on going solar? Learn more about our smart energy solutions and get ready to start charging from the sun.

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Drive your solar system into the future