Get Paid to
Save the Day

Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Battery Program

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Get Paid to
Save the Day

Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Battery Program

Earn up to $3,000 -
Join the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Battery Program

Are you a Rocky Mountain Power customer in Utah or Idaho?

If so, it's a great time to help stabilize the grid! Go with SolarEdge battery backup and get paid by Rocky Mountain Power to share small amounts of stored energy during the year.
Ask your installer to sign you up today—help minimize outages and keep your electricity rate among the nation’s lowest.

Are you an installer? Work with your customer to complete the enrollment form.
Are you a homeowner? Contact your installer or click to connect with a pro near you to begin the enrollment process.

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How the Program Works

During regular system usage

your home runs on energy produced by your solar system and complements it with power from the battery and/or the grid.

During an event

your battery will automatically discharge at your committed capacity. Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to source energy from the grid to keep the entire household running, uninterrupted.

After an event

your solar system will automatically recharge your battery after the event ends.

Wattsmart Battery Program Benefits

Based on a four-year commitment


Enrollment Incentive

(One- time upfront cash payment)

Participation Incentive

(Annual bill credit)
Residential Battery
(New systems)
$400 per kw*
(Based on 4- year commitment)
$15 per kw
Residential Battery
(Adding battery to systems connected prior to 9/1/2021)
$600 per kw*
(Based on 4- year commitment)
$15 per kw
1 SolarEdge Home Battery
5kw x $600 = $3,000 5kw x $15 = $75



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How can my inverter support the grid power quality?

Under the program, and following National Grid instructions, we will remotely update your inverter reactive power control settings to absorb/generate reactive power when the grid voltage is outside a pre-defined range to support the grid voltage.

Am I eligible for the program?

Most likely you are.

If you are considering a SolarEdge system, contact your local SolarEdge Installer to get more information.
If you already have a SolarEdge system contact that installer to express your interest in the program.
Owners of StorEdge inverters with supported batteries, who have an electric service account in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut or New Hampshire with National Grid or Eversource may apply.
Program admission is at the sole discretion of National Grid, Eversource or Cape Light Compact.

How do you communicate with my solar system?

We will communicate with your solar system through SolarEdge monitoring platform. To enroll in this program your solar system must be connected to the internet and be registered with the SolarEdge monitoring platform. To maintain your enrollment and earn your annual incentive, your solar system must maintain its internet connection and and stay registered with the SolarEdge monitoring platform.

Will participating in the program hurt my solar system or affect my warranty?

No, participating in Connected Solutions will not strain your solar system any more than normal use, and will not affect your warranty.

Will participating in the program lower my solar generation or solar incentives?

No, participating in Connected Solutions will not decrease your solar generation or affect your solar incentives. If at any time we make a setting change to your solar system that does affect your solar incentives. We will pay you an additional Connected Solutions incentive to make up for your lost solar incentive.

Can I participate in both the Connected Solutions Battery Program and the Solar System Program?

Yes, customers can participate in both. Participating in both programs will not decrease the incentives you earn in either program.

Can I participate if I don’t own my solar system, such as if I have a power purchase agreement (PPA)?

Most power purchase agreements do not allow customer to make the types of inverter changes necessary to participate in this program. Please contact your PPA provider to be sure, but most likely if you have a PPA you will not be able to participate in this program.

When will I receive the incentive for enrolling and participating in ConnectedSolutions?

Participants will receive a check from National Grid within 10 weeks of enrolling in the program and within 10 weeks of the anniversary of enrolling in the program.