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The SolarEdge Energy Hub with Prism Technology

The SolarEdge Energy Hub with Prism Technology banner
The SolarEdge Energy Hub with Prism Technology banner

Introducing The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology

The performance of HD-Wave meets StorEdge in a next generation home backup solution for higher efficiency and greater flexibility

One storage solution to back up the entire home

One inverter that does it all: ready for battery and EV charging, includes built-in energy monitoring

One flexible system to meet every future homeowner need

Introducing SolarEdge Energy Bank

Uninterrupted Living

SolarEdge Energy Bank home battery is designed to easily and exclusively connect with Energy Hub, delivering a record-setting 93.3% system efficiency, and ensuring power when it’s needed most:

  • Faster battery installs with integrated solar+storage design
  • Maximizes backup power during anticipated severe weather events with WeatherGuard
  • More energy and larger installs with DC-coupling
  • Backs up more loads, up to 200A, for whole home power
  • Up to 3 Energy Bank batteries per inverter1
  • Connects a generator to the Backup Interface for extended power1

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1Pending firmware upgrade, coming soon

A Breakthrough in Battery Backup

The superior performance of HD-Wave and StorEdge come together to offer advanced home storage. When installed with a battery and backup interface, the SolarEdge Energy Hub DC-coupled solution provides high energy yield, allowing larger installs.

  • 200% DC oversizing allows for larger systems: energy that would normally be lost in an AC-coupled solution can now be redirected to a battery for optimizing self-consumption
  • 90.8% overall system efficiency
  • More loads can be backed up to 200A - full home or partial
  • Power stack batteries for increased production and storage to keep the entire home covered1
  • Generator compatible1

1 Pending firmware upgrade


A Breakthrough in Battery Backup

One Inverter. Many Functions.

The SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter brings together the capabilities of all our existing residential inverters in a single solution. Not only is it DC-coupled battery-ready, it is preconfigured to connect to our Level 2 Smart EV Charger for driving on up to 100% sunshine. And with a built-in consumption meter, it becomes easier to track usage and reduce bills.

It is future-ready, enabling an ever-growing range of products to be added on to meet evolving household needs.



Battery Backup


EV Charging

EV Charging





Generation Connection

Generator Compatible


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