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Rocky Mountain Power – Wattsmart Battery Program

Get Paid to Save the Day
Get Paid to Save the Day

Earn up to $3,000—Join the Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Battery Program

Are you a Rocky Mountain Power customer in Utah or Idaho?

If so, it's a great time to help stabilize the grid! Go with SolarEdge battery backup and get paid by Rocky Mountain Power to share small amounts of stored energy during the year.
Ask your installer to sign you up today—help minimize outages and keep your electricity rate among the nation’s lowest.

Are you an installer? Work with your customer to complete the enrollment form.
Are you a homeowner? Contact your installer or click to connect with a pro near you to begin the enrollment process.


Enroll a Site

How the Program Works


  • During regular system usage: your home runs on energy produced by your solar system and complements it with power from the battery and/or the grid.
How it works - Regular Use


  • During an event: your battery will automatically discharge at your committed capacity. Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to source energy from the grid to keep the entire household running, uninterrupted.
How it works - Peak Demand Event


  • After an event: your solar system will automatically recharge your battery after the event ends.
How it works - Blackout


Wattsmart Battery Program Benefits

Based on a four-year commitment

Events Enrollment Incentive
(one-time upfront cash payment)
Participation Incentive
(annual bill credit)
Residential Battery
(New Systems)
$400 per kW* (based on 4-year commitment) $15 per kW
Residential Battery 
(Adding battery to systems connected prior to 9/1/2021)
$600 per kW* (based on 4-year commitment) $15 per kW
One SolarEdge Home Battery
5kW x $600 = $3,000 5kW x $15 = $75






Wattsmart Battery Program Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an installer and want to learn more, please contact SolarEdge at

If you are a homeowner and want to learn more, please contact your installer. If you do not have an installer, click here to be connected to a solar expert.

What is the Wattsmart Battery program?

Rocky Mountain Power is paying customers to share battery storage and help maintain a more stable grid with fewer outages. By participating, customers earn an upfront incentive and ongoing bill credits, while using renewable energy to help keep electricity prices in Utah and Idaho among the nation's lowest.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are a Rocky Mountain Power customer in Utah or Idaho. Ask your installer about SolarEdge home backup today – offering the power to keep you on even when the grid is off. No installer? Tell us more about your needs and be connected to a local installer in your area

How much money can I earn?

  • If you have an existing SolarEdge System with an interconnection application dated prior to 9/1/2021, you will receive upfront cash from Rocky Mountain Power of up to $600/kW per battery
  • If you are installing a new SolarEdge system + SolarEdge Home Battery with an interconnection application dated after on or after 9/1/2021, you will receive upfront cash from Rocky Mountain Power of up to $400/kW per battery
  • Ongoing credits of $15/kW per battery start in year two and are applied to your monthly bill
  • For example, a SolarEdge Home Battery with 5kW of continuous power would generate up to $2,000 in an upfront incentive, plus $75 in annual credit.
  • Customers can enroll up to two batteries per inverter and up to three inverters per backup system (six batteries total), however the incentive is capped at 70% of equipment costs

How do I apply?

  • Work with a SolarEdge preferred partner to purchase and install a SolarEdge Home Battery 
  • Once SolarEdge Home Battery is installed, submit a Wattsmart Battery application for participation by clicking apply now and following prompts on the Wattsmart application page

Why a SolarEdge Battery?

  • A SolarEdge battery backs up more switches and sockets with up to 30% more power for heavier loads
  • Best-in-class 94.5% efficiency means more energy and longer backup time
  • Gain the ability to support essential loads OR the whole home
  • Competitive 10-year warranty with 70% retention and zero power cycle limitations
  • Easily control your battery and other SolarEdge devices, like EV Chargers, with one app: mySolarEdge
  • Learn more at

If I enroll, will I still have backup if the power goes out?

Rocky Mountain Power can only use your battery when the grid is on. During an outage, homeowners will have access to all the power in their battery. Please consult with an installer to ensure your backup can meet your expectations.

If I already have a SolarEdge Home Battery, can I still participate?

Yes, contact your installer for full enrollment details.

Can I request to be removed from the program?

Yes, customers can be removed from the program by providing a 30-day advance notification to Rocky Mountain Power. If you decide to withdraw from the program during your commitment period, you will be required to payback a prorated portion of the incentive to Rocky Mountain Power, which will be based on the length of time you participated in the program.

Other Questions

Please visit for a complete list of FAQs or contact your installer.