WATCH: As the Smart Home Rises, So Should Your Profits

SolarEdge Editor / Josh Taub

Industry Trifecta, SolarEdge, REC, and SOLO Outline a Path to Closing More Often

With smart home products like EV charging and battery storage on the rise – along with higher wattage modules – residential installs are becoming more complex and costly.

According to insights shared at a recent SolarEdge-hosted Power Hour video forum, maximizing profit in the age of the smart home requires a solution that enables more modules and reduces expensive, time-consuming main panel upgrades (MPUs).

Enter SolarEdge’s SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter inverter and SolarEdge Home Battery battery platform, which does exactly that through an innovative, DC-coupled design.

Keep reading for key takeaways from this forum that includes Brian Ghiglia, REC Sr. Director Business Development, David Wilson, SOLO VP of Sales, and Michelle Spina, SolarEdge Sales Education Manager.

Did you know? MPUs can add weeks or months to your project timeline – increasing the chances of customer cancellation.

By passing on savings to the customer and reducing MPUs, SolarEdge can help installers close faster and move faster, leading to more jobs per month and up to thousands more in yearly profit.

“When you’re going up against competition in the home, if you’re the one going in without a main panel upgrade, generally, you’re gonna be the winner of that deal,” says SolarEdge Sales Education Manager, Michelle Spina.

Meanwhile, Brian outlines the ability to deliver even more with your smart home projects using his company’s HJT cell technology-based Alpha Series. With this competitive solar panel design, installers can enable higher efficiency and cooler temperatures on the roof, and ultimately, “more kWs.”

To round it out, David talks Project Mercury, a new user-friendly AND kitchen-table friendly software program for creating effective, 100% customizable proposals to get your smart home customers across the finish line: “You’ll really be able to control your destiny and do everything you want to do in the proposal. Again, in real time, with the customer, while you’re sitting there with them.”

Watch the full Power Hour video to learn more about profiting in the age of the smart home.

Or learn more about SolarEdge Home Battery and SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter.

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