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Learn Why ‘Now Is the Time’ to Partner with Us — NEW Brochure

The industry has never been more profitable—with costs at an all-time low and demand at an all-time high, now is a great time to consider going with Community Solar Gardens by SolarEdge. By delivering affordable, clean energy to entire neighborhoods, municipalities, and townships, you will increase revenue, while supporting a stronger grid with fewer outages.

Keep reading for more and download the brochure, featuring real-world wins and insights.

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Fast Factoid: No roof? No problem. With the ability to sit on large unused plots of uneven terrain, our C&I ground-mount options offer the flexibility to provide clean energy in places where roof space is limited.
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What Makes Our Gardens Grow?

Backed by our next-gen 120kW Inverters with Synergy Technology and our unique DC-optimized design, Community Solar Gardens by SolarEdge produces between 4-7%* more energy over the system lifetime and help maximize ROI:

  • Drive more revenue and production with up to 150% DC oversizing

  • Offer more system uptime with modular design and advanced, remote monitoring

  • Keep panels in optimal condition with built-in nighttime PID (Performance Induced Degradation) rectifier

  • Stay safe through alerts, thermal sensors in the AC and DC terminal blocks, and SafeDC™

  • Be confident in performance with our unique pre-commissioning smartphone feature

All that and you will have the durability to withstand the harshest environments, from the high-temperature desert plains of Arizona to the snowy fields of Alaska. Check out our Community Solar Gardens brochure today and discover why partnering with us is a win for investors, developers, system owners, EPCs and O&M providers.

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