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Grid Services and Virtual Power Plants Solution

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Grid Services hero banner

Accelerating the Transition to a Renewable, More Stable, and Cost-Effective Grid

To increase solar energy’s share of the energy mix, SolarEdge is driving the transition from centralized to distributed energy networks with its innovative grid services solution. This solution enables cloud-based, real-time aggregative control, management and reporting of a pool of distributed energy resources, such as PV, storage, and electric vehicles, for the creation of virtual power plants.

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Meeting Energy Supply Shortages

Distribution utilities can defer building costly and often underutilized network infrastructure by leveraging pooled energy in virtual power plants to overcome local supply shortages.

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Hedging Pricing Volatility

Protect energy retailers from energy price peaks by facilitating access to stored energy and interruptible loads through automatically discharging energy or removing demand, to reduce costs during peak price hours.

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Maintaining Grid Stability

Pool PV, batteries, and EV chargers to instantly and automatically modify generation or consumption, helping network operators to stabilize grid frequency and voltage.

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SolarEdge’s Grid Services Offering

Managing the complex network of distributed energy generation requires sophisticated management platforms such as SolarEdge’s grid services, which may be implemented as follows:

  • Using a SolarEdge-dedicated, customizable cloud interface
  • Integrating with third-party software interfaces via a dedicated grid services API

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A New Dawn in Energy Generation

As PV and storage continue to proliferate around the world, energy production is transitioning from a centralized system to a distributed network model, where energy is produced close to the location in which it is consumed and stored.

This model creates an opportunity for new interconnected and decentralized energy networks offering improved grid reliability, services, stability, and costs.

This provides benefits to all relevant stake holders:

  • Utilities can leverage distributed energy resources to more efficiently meet demand
  • Energy retailers get protection from price peaks
  • Large fleet solar owners can manage their PV and storage fleet in the cloud
  • PV system, EV, and battery system owners enjoy a new revenue stream


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Watch how SolarEdge’s grid services provide aggregative control and data reporting for distributed energy networks

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