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Scheduling EV Charge Time

To schedule EV-charging directly from your app:
  1. Click ‘Schedule’ under the EV charger menu and select preferred start and end times, as seen below.   
  2. Schedule charging for specific times throughout the day. Your EV charger will use solar power by default, complemented by grid power as a secondary source.
    • You can create up to four separate schedules for each EV charger, including dates and start/finish times. Scheduled charging is recommended for additional savings in areas with time-of-use rates to limit grid charging to off-peak electricity hours when rates are lower. It is also recommended to schedule charging times if your EV charger needs exceed your home’s energy consumption during the day. Tip: check your local energy-usage tariffs to determine preferred charge times.
    • If you install a SolarEdge smart EV charger in tandem with a SolarEdge PV system and it is directly connected to a consumption meter, you can take advantage of the excess solar mode to charge your EV with up to 100% solar power.
    • To activate, simply click ‘Solar Charging’ under the EV Charger menu. Tap the ‘activate’ button to charge from excess solar power whenever it is available. This will trigger excess solar charging when the amount of surplus solar in your home exceeds the minimal charge power required by your EV (1.5 kW).
Note that charging from excess solar will result in slower charging speeds, and is subject to available solar energy. Please refer to the videos below for more information:

Configuring EV Charger via mySolarEdge

Enable Solar Charging

View and Track Charging History

EV Charger Scheduling

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