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ConnectedSolutions Program

Sustainable Living Pays Off
Sustainable Living Pays Off

Join the ConnectedSolutions program and get paid to keep the grid more stable

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program helps to keep the grid stable by allowing homeowners with solar + battery systems to share energy when the grid needs it. And, you get paid to do it.



More of a Good Thing: Adding a Battery to Your Solar 

By adding a StorEdge solar + battery system to your home, you become less reliant on the electric grid and get smart insights into energy consumption. This means more savings on electricity bills. But there’s more: going solar in 2019 means access to ConnectedSolutions, the current 30% ITC tax credit tier (as may be changed by the legislator) and the SMART program.


Peace of mind icon


Peace of Mind

Keep the lights on even
when the grid goes out



Earn Money icon


Earn Money

You can earn hundreds if you are accepted
 into the program by December 31, 2019 

Future Proof Your Home icon


Future Proof Your Home

Increase grid independence and protect yourself
against changing utility rates 

Peace of Mind icon

Peace of Mind

Keep the lights on even when the grid goes out


Earn Money icon

Earn Money

You can earn hundreds if you are accepted into the program by December 31, 2019 


Future Proof Icon

Future Proof Your Home

increase grid independence and protect yourself
against changing utility rates 


How It Works 


  • Regular Use – your home will use energy from your PV and complement it from the battery and/or the grid.


How it works - Regular Use


  • Peak Demand Event – your battery will discharge at the maximum supported power. If your home needs more than the available power
    from the sun and the battery, you can still use the grid.
How it works - Peak Demand Event


  • Blackout – your battery will be used to keep the lights on during power outages.
How it works - Blackout

Program Highlights

The program runs for 5 years over summer and winter seasons: 

  Summer Winter
Performance Incentive in Massachusetts $225 per kW-summer $50 per kW-winter
Performance Incentive in Rhode Island $400 per kW-summer Rhode Island does not
call events in the winter
Discharge Events per Season 30 to 60 5-15
Months Discharge Events Can Occur June through September December through March
Time Discharge Events Can Occur 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
5-year incentive lock Yes Yes


ConnectedSolutions Program

To Learn More, Contact Your Installer

To start earning you’ll work with your SolarEdge installer to complete and submit application details:

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StorEdge Application form for MA

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StorEdge Application form for RI

Download icon

SolarEdge Program
Terms and Conditions for MA

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SolarEdge Program
Terms and Conditions for RI

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If your system is installed after April 1st 2019, your installer will need to submit a vendor quote for the incremental cost of installing the battery storage system.

ConnectedSolutions SolarEdge

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an installer and want to learn more Contact SolarEdge at

What is ConnectedSolutions?

ConnectedSolutions is a National Grid program which incentivizes customers to share energy to the grid when the New England electric grid needs it. Customers are paid on a performance basis for the average kW they generate from their storage during dispatch events. To learn about the National Grid and Connected Solutions program in detail, please visit National Grid MA or National Grid RI.

Am I eligible for the program?

Most likely you are.

If you are considering a SolarEdge system, contact your local SolarEdge Installer to get more information.
If you already have a SolarEdge system contact that installer to express your interest in the program.
Owners of StorEdge inverters with supported batteries, who have a n electric service account in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and who pay into the energy efficiency fund on their electric bill may apply. 
Program admission is at the sole discretion of National Grid. 

How do I know when there is a dispatch event?

Your system can be dispatched up to 75 times per year during peak demand hours. You’ll be notified by email when events are scheduled, typically by 2 p.m. Eastern the day ahead. You can opt-out from individual adjustment events by responding to the event notification email. Note that any event opt-outs will reduce the incentive you will be eligible to get.

How will I know if my system responded?

You can see system performance and activity at or in the SolarEdge App.

How much money can I earn with the ConnectedSolutions program?

Your payments are based on the performance of your system. 

A SolarEdge 7.6KW + Single LG Chem RESU-10H operating under ideal conditions, during all events in both summer and winter over the five-year performance period may earn up to $2,940 for summer events, and $650 for winter events, A possible total of $3590.
A SolarEdge 7.6KW + Two LG Chem RESU-10H performing optimally during all events in both summer and winter may earn up to $5625 for summer events and $1250 for winter events. A possible total of $6875.

After 5 years, National Grid expects to still offer incentives for these battery systems. The incentive rate simply isn’t set yet.

Consult your SolarEdge installer to determine what battery system size is right for your situation.

Additional information can be found on the National Grid webpages here: National Grid MA or National Grid RI.

What are some of the factors that can influence the performance of my system?

Under the program rules, PV energy production is always prioritized over dispatch of battery energy and your incentive is based on dispatch performance of your battery.
Several factors influence the performance of your system including your PV array size and orientation, inverter rated power, number of batteries, energy available in your battery at the time of the event, the time of the day and solar generation during events, the time and solar generation between events and more.

When will I get paid for participating in this program?

National Grid is responsible for issuing the payment directly to you via check. You should expect to see a check from National Grid, within 12 weeks of the end of the Summer or Winter season. 

How to Apply?

Only applications with the “PERFORMANCE-BASED INCENTIVE SENT TO CUSTOMER” check box, under the CUSTOMER INCENTIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS on the form checked will be considered. You must also provide a mailing address if this is different from the physical address of your electric service address.

If you apply for an existing system, we recommend you contact your Installer. If your Installer is unknown or unavailable, you can also submit the filled forms directly to
Program admission is at the sole discretion of National Grid.

Can I retrofit my solar energy system with a SolarEdge battery?

Yes, you can add a SolarEdge battery to an existing solar energy system. Ask your SolarEdge installer how.

Can I unenroll from ConnectedSolutions?

Yes, you can unenroll, if desired by emailing the program administrator here.

Can this program be combined with other available incentives?

Yes, you may be eligible for savings with the federal ITC which is currently 30% of the installed system (as may be changed by the legislator). If there is merit, we will update in 2020 as ITC changes. Check with your SolarEdge installer regarding local and state incentives.