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Introducing the mySolarEdge Mobile App — Know More, Do More

Keep track of your home energy in real-time with one app: solar production, energy monitoring*, EV charging, battery, and more.

*Energy monitoring requires consumption meter and CTs

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mySolarEdge mobile app for system owners

Stay in Control

  • Monitor your real-time production and consumption* on one dashboard
  • Catch excessive energy usage before a big bill arrives*
  • Check system performance and contact SolarEdge support in just one touch
  • Adjust battery backup settings — keep the lights on even when the grid is off with the Energy Hub DC-coupled solution
  • Be future-ready; conveniently control home devices using sunshine (coming soon)

*Energy monitoring requires consumption meter and CTs


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Be Ready for the Storm with Weather Guard

Weather Guard is a new feature on our mySolarEdge app, developed exclusively for system owners with home battery backup.

When enabled, it detects incoming severe weather and is designed to automatically charge your battery to full capacity in case the grid goes down.

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Prolong your battery backup time with Weather Guard

Maximize your electricity savings using mySolarEdge

  • Learn to shift your household consumption to match peak solar production hours
  • Identify any unusual consumption patterns that may be limiting your bill savings
  • Control your utility usage and avoid any bill shocks
  • Understand when to expand the number of batteries or smart devices you may have connected, for added savings


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​​​​​​​Maximize your electricity savings using mySolarEdge

Getting started with the mySolarEdge app

1. Download mySolarEdge for free on iPhone or Android

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2. Log-in to mySolarEdge


Existing SolarEdge monitoring users

Log-in to the app using your existing SolarEdge monitoring username and password. If you can’t remember you login credentials, please contact your installer.

Don’t have a SolarEdge monitoring account yet?

Please contact your installer to set up your account.

Getting started with the mySolarEdge app

Learn How to Use mySolarEdge:

mySolarEdge overview and first log-In

Checking the inverter status using mySolarEdge

Stay on longer in an outage with Backup Reserve

Be ready for the storm with Weather Guard


Optimize your smart energy lifestyle

Get more from your system

Saving is a snApp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mySolarEdge?

mySolarEdge is an exclusive mobile app (iOS and Android) for system owners with installed SolarEdge systems and/or Smart EV Chargers.

What will happen to the monitoring app I have been using?

The monitoring app will become exclusive to solar professionals and you will need to switch to mySolarEdge. You should have already received a notification through the monitoring app to download mySolarEdge.

What are the most important features of mySolarEdge?

mySolarEdge helps you:

  • View inverter status, system production, and battery levels
  • Monitor your home's energy usage (if you have a consumption meter) and energy exported to the grid
  • Setup, manage and control the Smart EV Charger and other SolarEdge smart energy devices
  • Control battery reserve settings* for power outages, applicable only to Energy Hub and StorEdge systems with a battery

*Coming Winter 2021

What are the requirements for using mySolarEdge?

  • Apple iOS 11 and up/Android version 5 and up
  • All inverter types are supported, as long as they are connected to the monitoring server
    • For site monitoring access, you will need to be added by your installer
  • App features displayed will vary depending on the installed equipment on site and permissions provided by installer. For example:
    • You need a consumption meter in order to view your energy usage and data import/export
    • You need to have a battery, the Smart EV Charger or a SolarEdge Smart Device in order to see the ‘Smart Home’ tab
    • Your installer must grant you permission to see the ‘Layout’ tab
  • For self-service capabilities only (i.e. using the app to view inverter status and configure communication), the requirements are:
    • Must have a SetApp-enabled inverter (without an LCD screen)
    • Inverter firmware version must be v4.7 and up

What are the requirements?

      SetApp-enabled inverters (No LCD)   Non-SetApp Inverters (LCD)
  New Service Features   Inverter Status
  Inverter Communication
  Smart EV Charger Setup
  Monitoring Features   Monitoring Dashboard
  Smart Energy Management

* For non-SetApp inverters, users can configure and view the inverter status on the LCD screen

Should I use my monitoring login credentials for mySolarEdge?

Yes. Users should use their existing monitoring credentials to login to mySolarEdge and monitor their site.

Can customers without a monitoring account use mySolarEdge?

We strongly recommend asking your installer to setup a monitoring account for you. Signing up for it independently will only provide access to basic offline capabilities, such as viewing status and configuring communication.

If you already have an account, but have forgotten your login credentials, you can reset your password from the app login page.

Can customers without a monitoring account use mySolarEdge?

Is historical site data from the monitoring app still accessible in mySolarEdge?

Yes. The mySolarEdge app displays the same data as the monitoring app.

Can installers access mySolarEdge?

Yes, installers will be able to access mySolarEdge and see what you see. Grant them permission to access your smart home settings for efficient remote guidance and troubleshooting.

EV Charger Configure Access

Can I use mySolarEdge to configure my SolarEdge Smart EV Charger?

Yes. You can set up and manage your Smart EV Charger using mySolarEdge. It’s a simple process of scanning the QR code on your charger and following the steps listed in the video under ‘EV Charger Setup’.


Can I track my EV Charging sessions using mySolarEdge?

Yes. The mySolarEdge app shows charging history in kWs and energy consumption in kWhs for each charging session.

What other Smart EV Charger controls are accessed via mySolarEdge?

  • System owners can schedule EV charging within the app: tap ‘Schedule’ under the EV Charger menu and select start and end times as seen below.
  • Use the scheduled charging mode to enable charging at specific times during the day. By default, charging will use solar power, and if needed, complemented with grid power.
  • You can create up to four separate charging schedules for one EV, including dates and start/finish times, to meet different energy needs during the week and avoid peak prices. Scheduled charging is recommended if your area has varying electricity rates (TOU tariffs), so you can limit grid charging to specific off-peak hours, when grid rates are lower—for additional savings. It is also useful to schedule if your EV charging needs during the day exceed your home’s energy consumption.

Tip: Check local electricity tariffs to determine the preferred charging times

What other Smart EV Charger controls are accessed via mySolarEdge?

Solar Charging

  • If you install a SolarEdge Smart EV Charger in tandem with a SolarEdge system, and it is directly connected to a consumption meter, you can take advantage of excess solar mode to charge with up to 100% sun power.
  • To do this, tap on ‘Solar Charging’ under the EV Charger menu. Turn on the activation to charge from excess solar power whenever it is available. Excess solar charging will be triggered when the amount of excess solar in your home surpasses the minimal charge power required by your EV (1.5 kW).

*Note that charging from excess solar will result in slower charging speeds, and is subject to available solar energy


Please refer to the below videos for more information:

Where in the app can I locate battery status with a SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter or a StorEdge inverter? What are the other battery controls available?

You can navigate to the battery controls by tapping the battery icon in the site dashboard tab and also by going into the smart home tab (as seen in screenshots below).

Where in the app can I locate battery status with an Energy Hub inverter or a StorEdge inverter?

The app allows you to view battery status and charging/discharging, and view and control the battery reserve levels*. See below diagrams.

*Currently, system owners can only view the battery reserve levels set by their installer. The new battery reserve independent control feature is coming in Winter 2021

Q12 Diagram


Battery Reserve Levels:

You are able to view and change the backup reserve value if you have an Energy Hub or a StorEdge inverter with a battery and our backup interface (BUI). Backup reserve is configured per site, not per battery—ask your installer for more information on local regulations specific to your system.

Battery Reserve


Changing Backup Reserve Duration:

  • You can also change the amount of time your system will run on backup reserve
  • After reconfiguring, the reset time and date will be viewable

Battery Duration

Is the battery backup reserve edit option available to me?

The option to edit backup reserve is available in all storage inverters including Energy Hub and StorEdge single phase inverters.

Please note: If you are not able to edit the backup reserve value, check the permissions levels with your installer.


*Currently, system owners can only view the battery reserve levels set by their installer. The new battery reserve independent control feature is coming in Winter 2021

Can the mySolarEdge app be installed on my desktop?

No, but you can access the same monitoring information through the monitoring web portal on your desktop.

Will we be automatically notified if our inverter fails and/or if one of our panels is not working?

Not a current feature, but we’re working on it.

Is the inverter status option available even when the system is not connected to the Internet?

Yes. If there is no internet, or if the monitoring data is inaccessible for any reason, you can still connect the app directly to the inverter to view the inverter status and configure inverter communication (e.g. Wi-Fi password change, install & configure a wireless gateway). Please refer to this video:


Will the app show solar production as well as energy usage, i.e. am I able to monitor my self-consumption through the app by default?

In order to be able to monitor the energy consumption/usage and self- consumption, you will need to have an import/export aka consumption meter installed.

Since StorEdge inverters are not SetApp enabled, can a system with a StorEdge inverter use the mySolarEdge features?

Yes, but only some features, such as monitoring dashboard, layout and smart energy management, will be available. Newer features, such as viewing inverter status and configuring inverter communication will not be available; however, they can be viewed through the LCD screen of the StorEdge inverter.

What other mobile devices can mySolarEdge be used on?

mySolarEdge is available for download on Android tablets, iPads, and the Apple Watch.

Where can I get more information on mySolarEdge?