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mySolarEdge’s Weather Guard

mySolarEdge’s  Weather Guard
mySolarEdge’s  Weather Guard

Maximize Backup Time with Weather Guard

Designed exclusively for SolarEdge system owners with home battery backup, our new Weather Guard feature can be found in the mySolarEdge app.

When enabled, it detects severe weather and is designed to automatically charge your battery to full capacity before the grid goes down, so you can stay on longer.

Access the ‘Storage’ option in mySolarEdge and turn on Weather Guard. It’s that easy.

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Prolong your battery backup time with Weather Guard

How Does Weather Guard Work?

Once enabled, Weather Guard receives real-time notifications from the National Weather Service:

  • When severe weather is detected in your area, your battery will automatically attempt to fully charge on solar and/or grid power 48 hours in advance
  • You’ll receive push and in-app notifications when Weather Guard is activated—you can always deactivate if needed
  • When the severe weather ends, the battery will automatically return to its usual charge settings
How Does Weather Guard Work?


What is Weather Guard?

A function within mySolarEdge, designed to maximize backup time by automatically attempting to fully charge the battery when severe weather is forecasted, in case the grid goes down.

How does Weather Guard work?

  • When a severe weather notification is received from the National Weather Service (NWS), the SolarEdge system will begin charging the battery to full capacity using solar and/or grid
  • Activation begins within 48 hours of receiving the notification
  • When the weather event ends, the battery will return to its regular charge settings

Does Weather Guard need to be enabled for the homeowner to receive notifications?

Yes, the toggle button should be in ON position

How do you enable/disable Weather Guard?

Weather Guard can be enabled or disabled by homeowners at any time by toggling the switch ON or OFF, located in the ‘Storage’ screen of the mySolarEdge app.

Which batteries are Weather Guard-compatible?

Weather Guard is compatible with SolarEdge Energy Bank and LG Chem batteries

What will happen after Weather Guard activation has ended?

Once the severe weather event ends, the system will automatically return to its previous Backup Reserve settings. For example, if the system owner’s Backup Reserve setting was 30% when Weather Guard was activated it will change to 100%, and after the severe weather event ends, it will return to 30%.