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Satellite-Based Performance Ratio

Satellite-Based Performance Ratio



A PV system’s performance ratio (PR) is the ratio between actual production of a PV system and received solar irradiation on-site, and is used to evaluate system quality. A common way to measure received solar irradiation is to deploy environmental sensors at the PV site. The downside of using sensors to measure received solar irradiation is that sensors require installation, calibration, and maintenance, all at a cost to the system owner. Sensors have a short warranty period and need to be replaced over the course of a PV system’s lifetime.

SolarEdge has teamed up with Solargis, a solar energy assessment service, to provide Satellite-Based PR for PV systems of all sizes, offering reliable, easily viewable data via the SolarEdge monitoring platform for just pennies a day.

Feature Highlights:

  • Eliminates sensor purchasing, installation, maintenance, cleaning, and replacement costs
  • Prevents possible inaccurate measurements due to environmental factors and improper sensor installation
  • Supports multiple tilts and orientations, no need to install multiple sensors on-site
  • Offers daily and monthly PR calculations
  • Seamlessly visualized on the dashboard of the SolarEdge monitoring platform
  • Provides up to 12 months of historical PR data from day of adding the service


PR data reporting Daily, based on multiple samplings
Accuracy1 Comparable to irradiance sensors
Area coverage2 North America, EU, APAC, Australia, & Southern Africa
Normal PR values3 0.6 to 0.9 for new systems
Cost per PV site4 Commercial — $99/year

Note: The service requires a published physical layout. For more information on how to configure the site's physical layout refer to: Application Note – Site Administration in the Monitoring Portal 



Service Coverage Map:

service coverage map


Monitoring Satellite-Based PR:

img img
Example of a normally functioning PV site as seen on the SolarEdge monitoring platform.
Example of a site with low PR indicating a problem as seen on the SolarEdge monitoring platform.


1According to Solargis’ PR calculations which are based on GTI estimates. Additional information on Solargis accuracy available at:
2Refer to Solargis for detailed coverage area:
3NREL, Weather-Corrected Performance Ratio,
4Commercial pricing based on sites 15kW