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Introducing the SolarEdge Energy Bank​

Introducing the New Home Battery from the World’s Number 1 Solar Provider
Introducing the New Home Battery from the World’s Number 1 Solar Provider

A Breakthrough Battery That Can Be Installed Faster for Less

Offer whole home backup, greater system level efficiency – while avoiding thousands in potential MPUs (main panel upgrades) – by connecting the SolarEdge Energy Bank to our award-winning SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter.

Increase sales and satisfaction with the DC edge​

Offer more efficiency and savings with our superior DC-coupled technology – which requires just one power conversion, versus three conversions with legacy AC-coupled technology.

Fewer MPUs icon

Fewer MPUs

Can save up to thousands in wiring and other electrical work with PV and battery on the same breaker

Get to Yes Faster icon

Get to “Yes” Faster

Close faster by offering your customers the one platform that’s full-featured meeting all their needs today with the ability to connect to a growing range of smart products to meet their needs tomorrow

Sell Larger Systems icon

Sell Larger Systems

Battery and DC oversizing allow you to add more PV and increase revenues on your installations

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Unified Warranty & Support

Simplify projects with one vendor for inverter, battery, BUI (Backup Interface) and other smart energy products

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  Continuous Power
  Sunup Sundown
Grid On SolarEdge DC-coupled 7.6kW* 5kW
Legacy AC-coupled 7.6kW** 3.8kW
Grid Off SolarEdge DC-coupled 10.3kW* 5kW
Legacy AC-coupled 7.6kW** 3.8kW


*7.6kW grid interconnect agreement, either battery or PV
** 7.6kW grid interconnect agreement split between 3.8kW PV and 3.8kW battery
Both use cases assume one 10kWh battery

The Selling Power of DC

Increase close rates and customer satisfaction by delivering more energy at less cost with DC-coupled technology.

  • Our adaptive power boost feature delivers substantially more power than our on-grid inverter AC rating
  • Power more large appliances, like air conditioning and washers & dryers , for longer periods of time  in an outage 
  • With fewer power conversions, DC-coupled technology helps keep more appliances, rooms, and larger loads running year round

Save Time, Money, and Labor

Integrated solar+storage design can help you reduce install expenses and move faster from one job to the next:

  • Avoid significant costs in potential MPUs and main breaker derating, even when stacking, with PV and battery behind the same breaker
  • Save time with pre-installed meters and CTs
  • Fewer MPUs = fewer cancellations 
  • Further reduce install costs with the ability to add more modules per string, reducing strings per site
  • Built for indoor/outdoor and wall mount/floor mount options

Take the required Energy Bank certification courses - qualify to purchase and install our new home battery. Check out our training video for additional tips and tricks to help you work smarter.

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Save Time, Money, and Labor

Ongoing Revenue

Lead with a solution that maximizes customer lifetime value through easy connection to more add-on products than any other platform.

  • Boost revenue with the ability to stack up to three SolarEdge Energy Banks per inverter*
  • Take site revenue further with a growing line of SolarEdge smart energy add-ons, such as our Level 2 Smart EV Charger, as well as smart hot water controllers, sockets & relays – coming soon
  • Sell larger systems with up to 200% DC oversizing—continue adding PV and batteries, with fewer MPUs

*Pending firmware upgrade



Continuous Revenue

Unified Warranty & Support

Simplify your SolarEdge home installs down to:

Unified Warranty & Support

Unified Warranty & Support

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