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MySolarEdge hero banner
MySolarEdge hero banner

Introducing mySolarEdge:
the Monitoring App for Your Customers

Designed for system owners, mySolarEdge comes with the same features as our monitoring platform, plus new capabilities to help system owners quickly and independently resolve routine issues.
Reduce customer reliance, service calls and cut down unnecessary site visits.
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Introducing mySolarEdge

Put Control in Their Hands

mySolarEdge offers the same screens and functions as our existing monitoring app, including real-time module-level monitoring and remote operation of EV charging - it also supports new self-service and smart energy capabilities.


*Full self-service feature set requires a SetApp enabled inverters (without an LCD screen) and software version 4.7 or higher. Read more in the FAQ section.

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Easier Remote Support

  • System owners can view detailed inverter and communication status on their smartphones and independently problem-solve
  • mySolarEdge connects to the inverter access point, enabling system owners to relay any pertinent information to installers through basic and advanced views. Request permission to see what they see for efficient, quick troubleshooting
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Smart Energy Capabilities

Track system production and consumption, control EV charging, and manage battery levels in one app. Add-on SolarEdge products, such as Smart Energy Hot Water, and stay future-ready: smart sockets, relays and more coming soon

Offer the Handheld Convenience to:

  • Set up and operate their Smart EV Charger and drive using up to 100% sunshine*
  • Charge their EV during off-peak grid hours to optimize energy costs
  • Benefit from battery management capabilities, including independent control of backup energy settings for power outages**
  • View detailed inverter and communication status on their smartphones and independently problem-solve
  • Relay any pertinent information to installers through basic and advanced views

*When installed with a SolarEdge PV system
**With the SolarEdge Energy Hub and backup solution


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Two Apps. Two Dedicated Purposes.

System Owner icon

System owners

mySolarEdge app

New and existing SolarEdge system owners should be using mySolarEdge as their go-to monitoring app
Existing SolarEdge system owners will need to migrate to the new app. It’s a simple process. Learn more.

Download MySolarEdge

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PV professionals icon

PV professionals

Monitoring app

PV professionals should continue using the current monitoring app.
The monitoring app will eventually become an exclusive platform for installers and new professional advanced capabilities will gradually be introduced.

Download the Monitoring app

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Learn How to Use mySolarEdge


mySolarEdge overview and first log-in


Checking the inverter status using mySolarEdge



How will the current monitoring app change?

It will become an exclusive app for SolarEdge PV professionals with new capabilities on the way.

Who should be downloading mySolarEdge?

  1. New system owners
    1. All system owners with new SolarEdge installations should begin using mySolarEdge right away
  2. Existing system owners
    1. Existing system owners who are using the monitoring app should receive a notification on the monitoring app to switch to mySolarEdge. Any existing customers that don’t have monitoring credentials will need to be notified by you that they can use mySolarEdge

How are existing installations upgraded to the new inverter firmware?

If the inverter is connected to the SolarEdge monitoring server, our support team can upgrade remotely. If your inverter firmware version is under 4.8 then contact support; Inverters that are not connected to the monitoring server require an onsite installer visit.

Will all existing system owners have to move to mySolarEdge?

Yes, but not right away. We will carefully oversee a gradual migration process to ensure a smooth transition.

What are the requirements for using mySolarEdge?

Every system owner can use mySolarEdge regardless of the type of inverter.
SetApp-enabled inverters (no LCD screen) get full access to mySolarEdge.

Additional requirements:

  • Inverter firmware version 4.8 and up
  • Apple iOS 11 and up/Android version 5 and up

Non-SetApp-enabled inverter models (with LCD screens) get limited access to mySolarEdge features.

  • Monitoring screens that they are already familiar with will still be available
  • However, newer service features on the app are not available, such as viewing inverter status and configuring inverter communication (however, they can view the status and configure inverter from the LCD screen)

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    SetApp enabled inverters Non-SetApp Inverters
New Service Features Inverter Status
Inverter Communication
Smart EV Charger Setup*
Monitoring Features Monitoring Dashboard
Smart Energy Management


*available only with HD-Wave and SolarEdge Energy Hub inverters
** For Non-SetApp inverters, users can view the inverter status on the LCD screen and should be able to configure the inverter using the screen as well

Will system owners still be able to connect to the monitoring app during the migration process?

Yes, but they should be encouraged to move to the new app right away.

How would existing system owners know that they need to change to the new mySolarEdge app?

System owners will receive a notification through the monitoring app asking them to download mySolarEdge.

Can customers use their monitoring login credentials for mySolarEdge?

Yes. Existing credentials that are being used for the monitoring login should be used for mySolarEdge login; No need to sign up if you already have a SolarEdge monitoring account.

Can customers without a monitoring account use mySolarEdge?

Yes, system owners can independently download mySolarEdge and sign up. However, this will only provide access to basic offline capabilities of connecting to the inverter to view the status and configure communication. For site monitoring access – they should be added by their installer.

If customers have an account, but have forgotten their login credentials, they can visit the monitoring platform login page to reset their password.

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Is historical site data from the monitoring app still accessible in mySolarEdge?

Yes. The mySolarEdge app displays the same data as the monitoring app -- both connect to the same server.

Can installers access mySolarEdge?

Yes, installers will be able to access mySolarEdge in order to allow them to see what system owners see and direct them remotely if needed.

Simplified vs Advanced view

Customers can also grant installers permission for efficient remote guidance, troubleshooting and the ability to help set up smart energy devices as needed.

Configure Access

Does the monitoring desktop browser view still serve both installers and system owners?


Will there also be a dedicated desktop view for system owners?

No. The desktop view of the monitoring platform will serve both installers and system owners alike.

Where can my customers get more information on mySolarEdge?

Why does PV kW on Dashboard not match with PV kW under Inverter Status?

Dashboard PV kW shows last data value uploaded on the server from Monitoring Portal.  Depending on the communication method used, this value may have a delay of up to 15 minutes from real-time PV kW value displayed under Inverter Status.