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SetApp Enabled Inverters Firmware Updates

For inverters with display firmware click here

Version Date January 2021

This version includes:

Inverters’ firmware

The CPU version for all SetApp enabled inverters is 4.11.30

Devices' firmware

Device Type Version
Smart EV Charger CPU
Energy Meter CPU 0.74
Backup Interface CPU 0.1.47
Smart EV Charger CPU

Battery firmware

Part ID Version
5010, 7010
5020, 7020
LG BMS 100 1.4.6

Version Information:

These firmware versions were released to SetApp packages on January 2021 for all SolarEdge SetApp enabled devices. To verify the version is updated on the device after the upgrade process, connect with SetApp to the device, and verify the firmware versions in the Information screen match the tables above (or shows higher versions).

Note: Improvements included in this version will apply only after the version is updated on the device. This requires connecting to the device's Wi-Fi and performing an upgrade.


Release Notes

New Features & Enhancements

  • Improved error indication when entering incorrect or incomplete static IP settings – e.g.
    Picture 1 + 2
  • Changed GRM time units to seconds in Grid Protection menu screen
  • Displaying “Battery AC Charge” in the status screen when battery is charged from AC instead of Power with “-“ (negative sign).
    Picture 3
  • For Europe installations - Support the new three phase inverters for short strings 
  • For Australia installations
    • Support the three phase hybrid inverters
    • Change in Australia Victoria country grid:
      • Rename ‘Australia Victoria’ to ‘OLD - Australia Victoria’
      • For new installations use the new country grid: ‘Australia VIC’


  • Inverter Comm Error with cellular modem with weak signal network
  • Subnet can't be used in ethernet (either in DHCP or static IP configs)
  • Green LED is blinking while inverter is charging from AC and green LED is steady ON to indicate power conversion both directions

Known Issues

  • In sites with three phase StorEdge Inverter long (>10 minutes) grid outage may cause battery trip.
    Workaround: Turn off and on battery CB according to battery vendor guidelines
  • Inverter without HD-Wave technology temperature shows 0 when in standby mode.
    Workaround: In standby mode, there is no production, thus temperature sensing is not relevant
  • In installations with S0 meter, the monitoring platform charts may present power telemetries that fluctuate by ~50W.
    Workaround: The fluctuations do not affect the meter accuracy; users can disregard the spikes in the chart.
  • 48V battery connected via CAN bus is counted in the Modbus devices counter in the Status>Communication screen
  • When resetting the inverter energy counters, ‘This Year’ value doesn’t reset.