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New EDGE Academy Launches: Visit Today

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Josh Taub

SolarEdge Editor

April 17, 2022 Comments ()
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New EDGE Academy Launches: Visit Today

It Just Got Easier to Become a Smart Energy Expert Online

SolarEdge’s online learning platform, EDGE Academy, is offering a fresh user experience with more up-to-date certification training and tutorials to help you work efficiently and move faster in the field.

What’s New at EDGE Academy

Whether you’re interested in SolarEdge home or C&I solutions, it is now even easier to increase your knowlEDGE:

  • Consolidate training specific to your needs via customizable profiles
  • Deepen your expertise with updated, comprehensive courses & videos
  • Navigate more easily through improved, user-friendly design
  • Track progress with your own personalized dashboard

Now, that’s smart! Visit the new and improved EDGE Academy today and discover why it’s easier than ever to become a SolarEdge smart energy expert.

Visit EDGE Academy

See How It’s Done, First

Or you can watch this quick video on navigating EDGE Academy before getting started:


Power On,

EDGE Academy

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