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Investing in Renewable Energy with a SolarEdge PV System

The Future is Bright

Solar power installations have become a popular and profitable investment, with low operating and maintenance costs and of course, zero fuel costs.

The Future is Bright

Faster Return on Your Solar Investment

There are several factors why a SolarEdge smart energy system is the perfect candidate for your next investment

Founded in 2006, SolarEdge is the world’s #1 inverter company in revenues* with more than 24GW of systems shipped in more than 130 countries across 5 continents. No matter what kind of PV system you want to install, SolarEdge has proven its advantages in different applications including rooftops, floating, ground mount and carports. 

Most importantly, we provide more of the product you are going to sell – power. Our Power Optimisers increase energy output by constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPPT) of each solar module individually to increase system performance and maximise revenue for faster ROI. Also, this module-level power optimisation combined with our superior design flexibility enables more modules to be installed for increased system capacity.

Compare this with traditional PV systems where there are energy losses due to mismatches between modules caused by soiling, clouds, bird droppings, shading, etc. In this scenario, weaker solar modules affect the performance of the other modules in the same module string, decreasing the energy production of the entire system.

Once your system is up and running, you get full visibility of your energy production using our free remote Monitoring Platform, accessible from your smart device or PC. This also facilitates operation and maintenance by providing system alerts with pinpoint accuracy, allowing many issues to be resolved remotely.

*According to revenue, IHS PV Inverter Market Tracker 2015-20.

Faster Return on your Solar Investment

More Energy Over the System Lifetime

In a PV system with no shading issues, SolarEdge can typically add ~2%-5% more energy in the system’s first year by limiting losses due to manufacturing tolerance mismatch, soiling, and more. Uneven module degradation also accounts for significant module mismatch, with SolarEdge typically adding ~5%-10% more energy by mitigating this mismatch over the project lifetime. This translates to an average addition of ~4-6c/Wp revenue over the system lifetime and faster solar ROI.

SolarEdge for your Investment
Koyagi PV Plant
Installer: Estate Trust Co. Ltd.
Location: Shiga, Japan
Installed Capacity: 1,190.5 kWp

As there was no tree or building at all to make a shadow in this site, we wondered whether to use optimizer or a foreign traditional inverter at planning phase. We decided to use SolarEdge system, considering SolarEdge's performance simulation and resulted higher return of investment. Upon one year passed, we are quite satisfied with average 10% yield up than original SolarEdge simulation. In addition, module level remote monitoring and real time access to system data are allowing us remote troubleshooting and remote problem analysis, which lead to efficient O&M. We would like to continue proposing SolarEdge products in customer projects that we consult with.

Shogo Kouzaki, Project Developper,
Estate Trust
Ground mount in Burdur
Installer: Masa Enerji
Location: Turkey
Installed Capacity: 5.9MW

As owners of the system it was highly important for us to use the safest technology available, and we obviously appreciate the increased uptime and added energy provided by the module-level optimization. As EPC of the system the SolarEdge solution allows us to enjoy savings both on CAPEX through a significant reduction of Balance of System components and flexible design and on OPEX through enhanced O&M capabilities.

Attila Önal, Owner,
Masa Enerji
De Krim Resort Site
Installer: Texel4Trading
Location: Netherlands
Installed Capacity: 780kWp

De Krim Resort invested in a solar PV system to be environmentally friendly and generate our own electricity. Thanks to asset reuse, high performance, and a positive impact on water quality, the floating installation is expected to far exceed the estimated return on our investment.

Iwan Groothuis, Managing Director,
De Krim Resort
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