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SolarEdge Home Storage and Backup solutions


SolarEdge Home

When you want storage and backup that excels at its job.

Store more with our highly efficient DC-coupled SolarEdge Home Batteries and power the home when rates are high or at night. When installed with our Backup Interface, they provide reliable backup power during outages.

  • Up to 200% oversizing
  • Store excess energy in the battery 
  • Avoid the triple conversion penalty 
  • Up to 20 days continuous backup
  • Choose full or partial home backup

Easy to upgrade

No extra work needed on the AC distribution board, DC-coupled enables easy connection of a battery.

*Backup applications are subject to local regulations and require connection with the SolarEdge Home Batteries and the SolarEdge Home Backup Interface.

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How can you add even more savings for your customers?

SolarEdge NEW Battery modes – for more homeowner independence in managing their system - and more savings

Homeowners now have an automatic smart way to manage battery charge and discharge, designed to save even more on electricity bills.
They can choose between three modes: Self-consumption, Time of Use, and Backup.



This is the ideal mode to use for fixed-rate plans (or for people who enjoy using what they produce).
It prioritizes self-consumption, using as much of the energy produced by the system to power the home.


Time of Use:

TOU is an automatic smart way to save on electric bills by managing the battery charge and discharge according to peak rate hours. Designed to deliver optimal cost savings throughout the day, this mode analyzes available local rates and determines when to utilize self-produced energy to power the home, when to draw power from the grid, and when to export to the grid.



While all modes will leave a percentage designated by the homeowner for backup, this mode is designed to ensure that the battery is fully loaded and ready to provide backup power when needed.

This mode is only applicable for customers with a SolarEdge Home Backup Interface in addition to the SolarEdge Home Battery.