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Commercial Power Optimizers

Commercial Power Optimizers
Commercial Power Optimizers

Increase System Uptime and Safety. Speed Up ROI

The SolarEdge Commercial Power Optimizer is a DC-DC converter that connects to every two PV modules onsite, providing them with a level of autonomy and protection. The underperformance of one module will not affect others in the system, eliminating mismatch-related power losses e.g. due to shading, soiling, mono/bifacial module aging, and enabling higher energy production.

Maximum Power Point Tracking per module allows for flexible installation design with multiple orientations, tilts, and module types in the same string. When working with SolarEdge inverters, Power Optimizers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage enabling even greater flexibility with longer strings and strings of different lengths.

With remote, module-level monitoring, EPCs and O&M personnel can easily track system performance and pinpoint and resolve issues with surgical precision.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers industry-leading safety mechanisms maximize protection of people and property, including the unique SafeDC™ feature that reduces high DC voltage to touch-safe levels during inverter or grid shutdown.

Increase System Uptime and Speed Up ROI

The S-Series – Our Most Advanced Commercial Power Optimizer Yet

Bring unrivaled safety and efficiency to your next commercial project.

Boost site production with expanded design flexibility. 

Move faster with simplified wiring.

Install lasting confidence with SolarEdge Sense Connect, an industry-first arc detection and prevention feature.

As always, you’ll continue to boost energy production with DC optimization and experience 100% system visibility with module-level monitoring.

Available models:  S1000 (up to 1,000Wp), S1200 (up to 1,200Wp)

Download the datasheet   Watch the video

The S-Series – Our Most Advanced Commercial Power Optimizer Yet

Smarter Project Designs

The S-Series brings expanded design flexibility, helping you design smarter projects for greater site production:

  • More power per string with up to 20mA output per string
  • Support for high input current, bifacial and high power modules 
  • Fewer, longer strings (20-23kW per string)
Smarter Project Designs

SolarEdge Sense Connect: A First in Safety

SolarEdge Sense Connect is an industry-first innovation, providing a higher level of site protection by preventing electric arcs, as well as detecting them.

  • Continuous monitoring for connector overheating, due to install issues or wear and tear
  • Automatic inverter shutdown, if needed, when abnormal connector temperature is detected
  • Real-time alerts for fast identification and resolution of issues
  • SafeDC™ for automatic reduction of high DC voltage to touch-safe levels

See how it works:

sense connect

SolarEdge Sense Connect: A First in Safety

Simplified Wiring for Faster Installs

With three short cables and one long one, connecting the S-Series Power Optimizers is a snap. Plus, you’ll reduce exposure to potential isolation faults, increasing safety and further minimizing time onsite.

We've also simplified ordering, design, and inventory management by consolidating our module range.

Simplified Wiring for Faster Installs

Key Benefits

  • High efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Compatible with multiple module types, including high input current, high power and bifacial modules
  • Maximizes system production by constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each module
  • Reduces losses related to module mismatch often caused by shading, dirt, uneven mono/bifacial module aging and other factors
  • Flexible project design enabling optimal usage of rooftop space/ground area and lower BOS costs 
  • Real-time tracking of module performance and remote troubleshooting
  • Built-in, industry-leading safety features
    • SafeDC™: automatically reduces high DC voltage to touch-safe levels during grid or inverter shut down
    • SolarEdge Sense Connect: constantly monitors Power Optimizer connectors, identifying improper connections and possible malfunctions for early detection and mitigation of arc risks
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • Long-term 25-year warranty