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Export and Import Limitation & Metering

Export and Import Limitation

In full compliance with G100 Issue 2 Amendment 2 regulations, SolarEdge offers both import and export limitation integrated in the SolarEdge inverter firmware. The SolarEdge Energy Meter reports on the import and export of the site to the inverter, which automatically regulates PV production, as well as import for supported devices.  It will synchronise all site devices including the SolarEdge Home Battery, SolarEdge EV Charger, and/or SolarEdge Home smart energy devices to adhere to the limits set for the system.

In addition to ensuring that the site is G100 Issue 2 Amendment 2 compliant, these features support smart energy consumption.


Export Limitation

Export and Import Limitation Benefits

  • Highly competitive cost grid limiting device
  • Set any limit imposed by the network 
  • Enables larger installations and increases self-consumption
  • Fast response time — follows rapid power changes (<1 sec)
  • Failsafe operation protects the grid
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  • The inverter can read a SolarEdge Energy Meter installed either at the grid connection point to monitor and control import and export or at the load consumption point to read consumption
  • The SolarEdge Backup Interface has a built-in energy meter
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Metering Benefits - Consumption Monitoring

  • Using the energy meter for consumption monitoring enables accurate information on loads and self-consumption
  • System owners can reduce their electricity bills by changing consumption behavior
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