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Export Limitation & Metering

Export Limitation

SolarEdge offers an export limitation option, integrated in the SolarEdge inverter firmware, which dynamically adjusts PV power production. This allows you to use more energy for self-consumption when the loads are high, while maintaining the export limit also when the loads are low.

Export Limitation

Export Limitation Benefits

  • Highly competitive cost grid limiting device
  • Set any limit imposed by the network restriction
  • Enables larger installations and increases self-consumption
  • Fast response time — follows rapid power changes (<1 sec)
  • Failsafe operation protects the grid
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Metering Benefits - Consumption Monitoring

  • Using the energy meter for consumption monitoring enables accurate information on loads and self-consumption
  • System owners can reduce their electricity bills by changing consumption behavior
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  • The inverter can read a meter installed either at the grid connection point or at the load consumption point
  • Two types of meters may be used:
    • An RS485 meter that connects to the RS485 terminal block of the SolarEdge inverter
    • A meter with an S0 interface and an S0 meter adapter cable available from SolarEdge. For more details click here
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