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Residential Power Optimizers

Residential Power Optimizers
Residential Power Optimizers

The SolarEdge Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter that connects to each solar module in a PV system, turning them into smart modules. By constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of each individual solar module, Power Optimizers can increase system energy production, potentially growing revenues and shortening system ROI.

By attaching our Power Optimizers to each solar module, installers, EPCs and O&M personnel can easily monitor system performance and track, pinpoint, and resolve issues at any point along a string with surgical precision.

Transform Solar Modules into Smart Modules for Maximum Power and Efficiency

Introducing the S-Series Power Optimizer for Residential Installations

Our most advanced Power Optimizer, the S-Series, brings unprecedented production and protection to your next residential project.

With SolarEdge Sense Connect technology and alerts, you can deliver unrivaled safety. Through simplified wiring, speed up installs, and commissioning.

And, as always, continue to

  • Boost module-level production with DC optimization, despite shading or debris
  • Experience 100% system visibility with module-level monitoring
  • Meet higher wattage modules such as the M10 for maximum power density

Available for Order:

  • S440: supporting PV modules up to 440Wp, Isc 14.5A, 60V
  • S500: supporting PV modules up to 500Wp, Isc 15A, 60V
  • S500B: supporting high voltage modules with 500Wp input power, Isc 15A, and input voltage of 125V.
  • S650B: supporting high voltage modules with 650Wp input power, Isc 15A, and input voltage of 85V.
S-Series Power Optimizer

The S-Series S’s: Smart. Simple. Safe.

Pinpoint and resolve issues with real-time alerts

Move faster with simplified wiring

Install lasting confidence with Sense Connect technology

The S-Series S’s: Smart. Simple. Safe.

Sense Connect: Safety Optimized

SolarEdge Sense Connect is an industry-first innovation, providing a higher level of site protection by identifying abnormal thermal events in the connector and designed to prevent electric arcs from forming.

  • Continuous monitoring for overheating, due to install issues or wear and tear
  • Automatic inverter shutdown, if needed, when high abnormal temperature is detected
  • Real time alerts for fast identification and resolution of issues
  • SafeDCTM- Automatically reduces DC voltage to touch safe levels
  • Rapid shutdown- discharges the conductors to safe voltage levels at the flip of a switch
Sense Connect: Safety Optimized

Simplified Wiring for Faster Installs

With three short cables and one long one, connecting Power Optimizers is a snap. Plus, reduce exposure to potential isolation faults, increasing safety and further minimizing time onsite.

We've also simplified ordering, design, and inventory management by consolidating our module range.

Simplified Wiring for Faster Installs

A Smarter Way to Connect

Stay on top of your projects with advanced, remote monitoring and module-level visibility:

  • Know the precise location of a faulty connector, in real-time, for fast resolution
  • Be alerted to high abnormal temperatures and know if shutdown has been initiated
A Smarter Way to Connect

Key Benefits:

  • High efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Mitigates all types of module mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading and aging
  • Compatible with multiple module types, including high current and bi-facial
  • Advanced, real-time tracking of module performance
  • Built-in, industry-leading safety features for maximum protection of people and property
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • 25-year product warranty
  • Available frame mounted in advance, for quicker installation