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MySolarEdge hero banner
MySolarEdge hero banner

The monitoring app for your solar customers

mySolarEdge is the go-to monitoring app dedicated to residential and commercial system owners.
Packed with all the familiar SolarEdge monitoring features, mySolarEdge also includes capabilities empowering system owners to quickly and independently monitor their system and resolve routine system issues.

mySolarEdge reduces your customer's reliance on you, with remote support capabilities that cuts down unnecessary site visits.
Now you can focus your energy on the really important stuff.


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Introducing mySolarEdge

All the SolarEdge monitoring app features, and more

mySolarEdge app offers the same screens and capabilities as the Monitoring app for installers:

  • Real-time module-level performance monitoring
  • Remote management of batteries, smart energy devices and EV charging

Additionally, mySolarEdge app includes self-service capabilities letting system owners easily and quickly resolve routine system issues*.


* Full self-service feature set requires SetApp-enabled inverters (without an LCD screen) and software version 4.7 or higher.


Save time and resources on unnecessary site visits

mySolarEdge app users can independently change their Wi-Fi password and connection settings, reducing reliance on their installers.

New Wi-Fi Screen

Offer quicker, more efficient remote support

mySolarEdge app users can view detailed inverter status directly from their smartphones.

The app securely connects to the inverter’s access point, displaying both basic and advanced inverter status views.

View Inverter Status

Improve your customer reach

mySolarEdge opens the door to providing remote customer support, even when the inverter is not yet connected to the SolarEdge monitoring service.

System owners without a monitoring account can independently download the app and sign up to view their inverter status, providing you with critical system information.

Improve your customer reach

Video Tutorials to Share with System Owners:

mySolarEdge overview and first log-In

Checking the inverter status using mySolarEdge

Configuring the inverter communication


Achieving your energy goals

Optimizing your system performance using mySolarEdge

Maximizing your electricity savings using mySolarEdge


What will happen to the current monitoring app? Will there be any changes?

SolarEdge PV professionals should continue using the current monitoring app. The monitoring app will eventually become an exclusive app for installers and new professional advanced capabilities will gradually be introduced.

Who should be downloading mySolarEdge?

All new SolarEdge installations should be using the mySolarEdge app instead of the monitoring app. All existing SolarEdge system owners will also need to migrate to the new app.

What are the requirements for using mySolarEdge?

Full access to the new mySolarEdge service features required a SetApp-enabled inverter (without LCD screen) and inverter firmware version 4.7 or higher. mySolarEdge users will also require Apple iOS 11 or higher or Android version 6 or higher.

How are existing installations upgraded to the new inverter 4.7 firmware version?

If the inverter is connected to the SolarEdge monitoring server, ask the SolarEdge support team to remotely upgrade the firmware. Inverters that are not connected to the monitoring server require onsite visit by the installer.

Is it mandatory for existing SolarEdge system owners to move to mySolarEdge?

Yes, but not from initial launch of mySolarEdge. The gradual migration process will be closely managed to ensure a smooth transition.

During the migration process, will system owners still be able to connect to the monitoring app?

Yes, but they should be encouraged to move to the new app ASAP.

How will existing monitoring users know that they need to migrate to mySolarEdge?

System owners will receive an in-app notification asking them to download mySolarEdge.

How will existing monitoring users migrate to mySolarEdge?

System owners with an existing monitoring account can download the app and log-in using the same monitoring credentials.

Can users without a monitoring account still use mySolarEdge?

System owners without a monitoring account will need to contact their installers to set up their monitoring account (the same process as today). 
System owners without a monitoring account can independently download mySolarEdge and register via the app. However, they will only have access to mySolarEdge’s new service features. Access to site monitoring features or to the desktop interface are not possible without installer intervention.

Can system owners with a monitoring account independently migrate to mySolarEdge? Will installed involvement be needed?

Yes they can but it is likely that some system owners may not remember their monitoring login credentials and will contact their SolarEdge installer for assistance in registering to mySolarEdge. System owners who forgot their login credentials, may be referred to the Monitoring Platform login page to reset their password.

Will historical site data from the monitoring app still be accessible in mySolarEdge?

Yes. The mySolarEdge app displays the same monitoring data as the monitoring app, as both are accessed via the SolarEdge monitoring server.

Will system owners need to create a new user for mySolarEdge?

No. They can use their existing monitoring credentials.

Will users with an older inverter model (without LCD) still be able to use mySolarEdge?

Of course. All monitoring screens that they are familiar with will still be available. The only features that will not be fully functional are the new service features.

Will installers also be able to access mySolarEdge?

Yes, installers will be able to access mySolarEdge in order to allow them to see what system owners see and direct them remotely if needed.

Will there also be a dedicated desktop view for system owners?

No. The desktop view of the monitoring platform will serve both installers and system owners alike.

I want to encourage my existing installations to move to mySolarEdge. Is there any information I can send them?

Sure. Please refer them to: