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The Future of Solar Inverters as Smart Energy Managers
The Future of Solar Inverters as Smart Energy Managers

Smart Energy Manager

Solar inverters used to be mainly responsible for turning solar energy into useable electricity in our homes, businesses, and on the grid. Their role was limited to managing energy production of individual PV systems. However, SolarEdge recognized the potential that inverters could offer as smart energy managers while helping the world decarbonize its energy production. Dedicated to improving the way we produce and consume energy, SolarEdge is spearheading the efforts in transforming the solar inverter into a smart energy manager.

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Smart Energy Home

Already monitoring and managing solar energy production, the inverter is ideally positioned to manage energy storage and energy usage. The inverter can store solar energy in a battery to use in the evenings, divert extra PV energy to heat water, or activate other smart devices during the day to help reduce electric bills. By managing energy in a comprehensive way, the PV inverter turns smart homes into smart energy homes and puts power into the hands of consumers.

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Decarbonized Smart Grid

Working together, a solar inverter can help to transition our grid from one based on centralized, polluting power stations to a network of smart and decarbonized energy sources. This means that energy consumers are now becoming energy producers and can actively participate in a new democratized energy economy and help support grid stability.

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The Evolution of the Solar Inverter

Since its founding, SolarEdge has been committed to developing innovative solar solutions to make solar energy more accessible. It forever changed the way power is harvested and managed in solar energy systems with the development its DC optimized inverter topology. Throughout the years, SolarEdge has continued advancing solar energy technology. Its HD-Wave inverter technology represented one of the most significant leaps in solar technology over the past 20 years by decreasing inverter size and weight, while achieving record efficiency. While its StorEdge® solution uses one inverter to manage solar energy, battery storage, and smart consumption. SolarEdge also developed the world’s first EV charging PV inverter that increases charging rates with solar and makes EV charging more environmentally friendly.

SolarEdge’s inverter solutions address a broad range of energy market segments through its diversified product offering, including residential, commercial and large scale PV.

Single Phase Inverters with HD-Wave Technology