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Power Your Commercial PV Installations with SolarEdge

The Right Partner to Make Your Business Easier

For PV professionals addressing the commercial market, SolarEdge has everything you need to succeed.

SolarEdge’s dedicated tools and engineers help you put together a tailor-made design optimisation plan, including LCOE and ROI analysis. With SolarEdge Designer, you can easily create a customer design proposal - customized with your company logo - which maximises available space to extract the most power possible. Our local teams are also present for installation and commissioning when needed.

SolarEdge inverters support longer and uneven strings so you have less supporting hardware to install. A single string can also have modules positioned at different orientations and tilts to make installation even easier.

Power is further increased with our Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), which enables each module to perform individually at maximum capacity.

Comprehensive commercial service suite

Enhanced Safety is Built-in


These features include:

  • SafeDC™ which reduces DC voltage to touch-safe levels during grid failures or inverter shut-down
  • Module-level monitoring that sends automatic alerts on system issues, preventing potential safety risks while our Monitoring Platform enables remote troubleshooting
  • Arc Fault Detection and Prevention identifies and terminates electric arcs using automatic inverter shutdown for string lengths up to 400m
Safety First
Quotes from the field
Industrial installation in Caltagirone
Installer: CS Group
Location: Italy
Installed Capacity: 500kW

We started proposing and installing SolarEdge in 2012 when we learned at a training with the local team, that SolarEdge system is anticipating the future of photovoltaics. In terms of yield we found an increase of about 20% compared to traditional systems, mainly due to the high degree of reliability of the system.

In terms of warranty and assistance, SolarEdge is certainly far ahead of everything on the photovoltaic market. 

Last but not least, yield, reliability, guarantee and safety have a faster economic return to our customers who often expand their photovoltaic park by confirming SolarEdge.

Alessio Catalano, CS Group Owner & Business Developer,
CS Group, Italy
Alkion Terminal
Installer: All Energy & Architecture
Location: Italy
Installed Capacity: 440kW

Because of the high risk at the fuel deposit, we chose a technology that would allow the customer to go about their business with total peace of mind. We proposed SolarEdge DC optimized inverters due to its positive safety record, embedded SafeDC™, and arc fault detection technology. This PV solution allows the customer to work safely during normal operations and even during potential emergencies. 

Riccardo Betti, CEO,
All Energy & Architecture, Italy
B&H Photo and Video Roof
Installer: Evergreen Energy
Location: United States
Installed Capacity: 2.7 MW

We surpassed the competition to win the B&H Photo and Video solar project by demonstrating how SolarEdge systems outshine. The unmatched reliability and safety of their inverters and power optimizers helped us eliminate client concerns over potential electrical faults and power surges, and to exceed NEC requirements.

Issac Israel, Founder and President,
Evergreen Energy
Northwestern Glass Fab
Installer: Renu Energy Solutions
Location: United States
Installed Capacity: 600 kW

Going with SolarEdge gives us a number of flexible, code-compliant solutions that are ready for implementation out of the box. In addition, their module-level monitoring capabilities arms us with insights needed to maintain systems and provide ongoing customer service at a level that exceeds expectations.

Andrew O'Donnell, Director of Construction,
Renu Energy Solutions
Kiryu City Hishimachi PV Plant
Installer: I-S3.CO. Ltd
Location: Japan
Installed Capacity: 1,850 kWp

From a viewpoint of EPC service provider, due to the clear technical advantages, we have no option other than recommending the SolarEdge system to our customers. One of the most remarkable advantages is clearly the module-level MPPT and the derivative module-level data collection capability.  With this advantage, we can maximize the power generation of each site  covering the nonuniform irradiation condition without taking any additional efforts. Additionally, we can save several costs such as O&M, use of DC cable, cost of delicate DC design, and accumulative cost for future inverter replacement. As a result, SolarEdge system is competitive in cost regard, even comparing with the lowest cost competitors.

Suomi Masuda, CEO,
I-S3.CO. Ltd
Medline Manufacturing Facility
Installer: Evergreen Energy
Location: United States
Installed Capacity: 1.32 MW

Evergreen promotes SolarEdge to all of its customers. We are constantly seeing the benefits of monitoring commercial projects down to each and every panel. When using traditional string inverters, troubleshooting an underperforming site can be a total nightmare. Plus, we have seen the long-term effects of the power optimizers, as our SolarEdge sites continue to outperform.

Jacob Sussman, COO,
Evergreen Energy
Giropoma site
Installer: Energy Tools
Location: Spain
Installed Capacity: 555kWp

We are committed to providing excellent solutions to our clients so that they have at their disposal an installation that gives them peace of mind and maximum production. We therefore offer our clients products that have the longest possible warranty period so that when the payback period ends the products are still under warranty.

Jordi Coll, Technical Director,
Energy Tools
Why SolarEdge PV installations Can Give You More
Increase Revenue
Increase Revenue

Install more solar modules with optimized PV design. Offer more energy over the system lifetime.

Decrease Expenses
Decrease Expenses

Lower your BoS costs with flexible project design. Lower O&M costs with module-level monitoring. Longest warranties in the industry (12 years for inverters, 25 years for Power Optimisers)

Mitigate Risk
Mitigate Risk

Built-in protection – SafeDC™ for every PV installation. Maximum safety for people and assets.

Contact Us
Contact Us
Commercial Service Suite
We provide the tools and services to help you grow your business with us
Project Design and Pre-Sale
Project Design and Pre-Sale
Our dedicated tools and Design Optimization
Comparative PV Simulation
LCOE & ROI analysis
Engineering services help you close deals
Project Execution
Project Execution
Design Validation
Hands-On Training
Installation Checklist
Onsite Support
Remote Operations
Automatic Commissioning Report
Operation & Maintenance
Operation & Maintenance
Fleet Management
Pinpointed Alerts
Performance Monitoring
Module-level Analysis
Remote Troubleshooting
Automatic Reporting
How does the system work?
Power Optimiser

A DC/DC converter, connected to each solar module, turning them into smart modules. Power optimisers increase PV system’s energy output by tracking the maximum power point of each individual module, and provide module-level performance data and enhanced system safety through its unique SafeDC™ feature.

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PV Inverter

Only responsible for DC to AC inversion. The fixed-string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times independent of string length and temperature. Transmits real-time, module-level performance data to SolarEdge’s monitoring platform via built-in Ethernet or wireless connectivity options.

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Monitoring Platform

Provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at the module, string, and system levels, for reduced O&M costs and increased system uptime. Access the monitoring platform easily from any computer or mobile device, free for 25 years.

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