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The Mapper app provides SolarEdge installers with an efficient, streamlined process for registering the physical layout of new PV sites in the SolarEdge monitoring platform.

Installers use Mapper to scan SolarEdge power optimizer and inverter barcodes, creating a virtual map of the PV site in the monitoring platform to help facilitate remote diagnostics.


Download Mapper

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SolarEdge Site Mapper App – Creating New Sites Demo

Key Benefits:

  • Simple onsite registration of new systems
  • Creation, editing and on-site verification of system physical layout
  • Scanning and assigning SolarEdge power optimizer and inverter barcodes to the right location in the system physical layout
  • Parallel site mapping using multiple devices to scan different sections of the site simultaneously
  • Scanning with a mobile device’s integrated camera or with an external Bluetooth-connected scanner
  • Working offline with no data connection. The data is stored locally on the mobile device and allows data synchronization with the SolarEdge monitoring platform when data


SolarEdge Mapper App – Mapping Existing Sites Demo