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SolarEdge Home for Installers

SolarEdge Home for Installers
SolarEdge Home for Installers

Offer your customers more.

More Power, More Storage, More energy to use.

SolarEdge Home is the future-ready smart energy ecosystem that provides the tools your customers need to produce, store, charge their vehicles and optimize usage of solar energy throughout the home, both day and night. Even when the grid is down.

A series of breakthrough technologies coupled with an intelligent software package is designed to give your customer more power from their system, and to support you working efficiently.

SolarEdge solutions are better by design.

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Unique DC-Coupled Solution

Up to 20 – 50 more days of energy than typical string and AC-coupled systems!*

How do we do it?


  • Harvest More - Mitigating panel mismatch and harvesting more power from each solar module. Additional benefits include up to 200% oversizing, flexible design to use maximum roof space and inverters of up to 10kW
  • Store More - No clipped energy at the panel level and high oversizing  (plus no extra work needed on the AC distribution board!)
  • Optimize Usage - Record-breaking round trip system efficiency that outperforms competition, with fewer AC-DC conversions
  • Extended Reliable Backup - Smart backup during an outage


For details on how we can enable more energy from your system

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*Based on simulation performed by SolarEdge during 2023

Less Hassle with a Single Vendor

Single vendor simplicity

Streamline your activity with a complete solar, storage, and smart energy management solution from a single trusted source. SolarEdge is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to grow your business. From an easy-to-use and integrated software suite that is free to SolarEdge installers, warranty among the longest in the industry, to a virtual and online support and training, you have access to the tools and products you need from one trusted source. We are with you for the long haul.

How does working with a single vendor benefit your customer?

  • Integrated system built to communicate seamlessly – and compliant with local G100 guidelines – read why that’s important 
  • Future-ready capabilities
  • Control PV production, storage, EV Charging, and smart energy devices from a single app
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Long, reliable warranties – that continue to provide the same benefits over time

Grow your business with us.

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Easy installation

Fast installation & commissioning with SolarEdge Home Network

Our wireless mesh network connects all devices in the SolarEdge Home ecosystem. With no extra wires or cables to deal with, SolarEdge Home Network helps you offer a cleaner look, while cutting down on labor and time onsite. Simply use our mobile app, SetApp, to detect and configure SolarEdge Home devices from anywhere.

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More Business Opportunities

Leading PV safety safeguards you and your customers

We believe that achieving comprehensive PV safety requires a multi-layered approach. That is why we are preferred by solar insurance companies around the world.

Our SolarEdge Home Battery 400V is UL9540A Certified!

Our battery is among the first residential batteries to meet this stringent fire safety standard without limitations.

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Leading PV safety safeguards you and your customers

More business opportunities

Go beyond PV and grow your business by offering additional smart energy solutions like storage and backup. We offer a wide range of smart energy devices to suit every application and installation need. Homeowners can grow with their SolarEdge Home system, adding new devices and features anytime they like. This scalable approach translates into long-term customer relationships and more referrals.

And more importantly for Great Britain residents::

  • When they choose SolarEdge Home, they meet local G100 regulations without requiring complicated add-on devices
  • Qualified SolarEdge Home systems are ready to participate in DFS (Demand Flexibility Service) programs offered by grid operators without the need for specified add-ons - with SolarEdge automated capabilities, your customers can make money without doing anything

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Smart Energy

More business opportunities
System Architecture

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