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SolarEdge Home Wave Inverters

SolarEdge Home Wave Inverters
SolarEdge Home Wave Inverters

Meet every home energy demand with our award-winning inverters that maximize energy production and deliver enhanced safety.

  • Deliver greater energy production over the system’s lifetime
  • Simplify installs and commissioning using SolarEdge SetApp
  • Instill confidence with advanced safety, such as arc fault protection and emergency voltage shutdown

Download Single Phase Datasheet
Download Three Phase Datasheet

2 inverters

A complete solution from roof-to-grid

As the core element of SolarEdge Home, install the inverter with our integrated Smart Modules and Power Optimizers, battery storage, plus a growing family of smart energy devices, AND:

Benefit from a single source solution with products, warranty, support, training, and system management all provided by one trusted vendor.

Residential installation

Superior Safety

Includes built-in enhanced safety features to protect solar installations by reducing risks associated with electrocution and fire:

  • Module-level monitoring, providing pinpointed fault detection
  • SafeDC™- Ensures the system’s DC voltage is reduced to a safe-touch level whenever the system shuts down
  • Sense Connect- Monitors the connectors and prevents electric arcs
  • Early arc fault detection and prevention mechanisms
Superior Safety