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Where can I find information about my products and how to install them?

Search for manuals, technical documentation, datasheet and more in the Resources Library

How do I setup my inverter’s communication?

To set up communication for your SolarEdge inverter, search for the relevant installation guide on the Resources Library.
Learn more about SolarEdge's communication options here.

How can I give a system owner access to the monitoring system?

1.    Connect to the monitoring platform, and select the relevant site and access the admin tab.
2.    Select the Site Access tab:


3.    Click Add new user, then the following form is displayed:


4.    Enter the owner’s e-mail address.
5.    Select the monitoring portal display language for the new owner.
6.    Select the new owner’s role. You can see the differences between each role by clicking the Question Mark.
7.    Upon completion, click Save. An email will be sent instructing the owner(s) how to access and register to the SolarEdge monitoring portal.

What is the optimizer pairing process, and when should I do it?

The pairing process enables the inverter and power optimizer to communicate with each other, over the DC lines. Pairing must be done with new installations during the commissioning part, and after replacing an optimizer or inverter. You can pair optimizers using SetApp / inverter buttons, or the monitoring platform
To learn more about pairing, watch these videos:

For SetApp-enabled inverters (without display)
For inverters with display
For remote pairing


How do I report a problem?

Please contact SolarEdge support to report on a problem.
Create a case on the support portal here.
A Customer support representative will contact you and help you solve the problem.
If you don't have a SolarEdge account, click here to register.

Where can I learn more about my service case?

Once logged in SolarEdge support center, scroll down to the 'Recent Cases' section. If you can't spot the case you're looking for, click "For All Cases". You can then search for a specific case using its characteristics, such as subject or tracking number.
For each case, you'll see tracking information and have the option to add comments and files.

What communication options does SolarEdge provide to connect the PV system to the internet?

SolarEdge inverter comes with a built-in Ethernet (RJ45) port for direct connection and a RS485 port for multi-device connection. For more options, including wireless options, please refer to the communication options application note here.