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The 2022 SolarEdge Sustainability Report is Here

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Gayle Rinot

Senior Content Writer

May 23, 2023 Comments ()
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The 2022 SolarEdge Sustainability Report is Here

SolarEdge sustainability report 2022

As a global company whose mission is to improve the way solar energy is produced, consumed, and managed - making it accessible to more people in more places- the advancement of sustainable living is at the core of everything we do. Our sustainability goals are, in fact, embedded in our DNA and we strive to ensure a future where clean renewable energy is the norm for everyone, everywhere.

In order to meet the challenges of a growing population and address the increase in demand for electricity, more work still needs to be done. Clean energy solutions need to expand and evolve.

“We are continuing to plan and launch end-to-end energy ecosystems to maximize the self-consumption of onsite solar energy production… A key to maximizing self-consumption is energy management and optimization. Leveraging our deep software expertise, we have developed state-of-the-art adaptive algorithms to optimize the production, storage and usage of energy, taking into account time-of-use tariffs, energy and scheduling requirements for major loads, weather patterns and other factors,” explained Zvi Lando, CEO SolarEdge. ”This will allow homeowners to automatically control and optimize energy loads for EV chargers, heating and cooling devices, household appliances and more. It will also allow business owners to implement data-driven analytics and AI-based energy management to minimize electricity costs and hedge energy uncertainty.”

We recently published our 2022 Sustainability Report which details the many ways we are working to power the future of energy through our corporate ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) practices. We hope you’ll find our commitment to operate responsibly and ethically, and with full transparency reflected on every page.

The Report describes our practices, targets, and performance in all ESG fields, including environmental protection, safety, governance, ethics, responsible procurement, community engagement and others. SolarEdge’s mission, which has always focused on our innovative smart and clean energy solutions, is connected to its core to climate action. Every day, our business activities contribute to the global transition to a low carbon economy and energy market.  In parallel, as a global company that experienced recent rapid growth, we are working tirelessly to meet the expectations of our various stakeholders to conduct all our activities in an ethical and responsible way.

Clean is Green

Our sustainability strategy leverages high-performance smart energy technology to power the future of energy. With this, we aim to deliver a positive impact for people and society while operating in line with ethical and responsible practices.

Our three-pillar strategy is aligned with our business objectives, various stakeholder expectations, and 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our three pillars are broken down as follows:

Powering Clean Energy – Electrification. Decarbonization. Decentralization. Digitization. So we can all enjoy better living and a sustainable future.

Powering People – We are a people-first company, and our people are at the heart of everything we do.

Powering Business – Solar power installations have become a popular and profitable investment, with low operating & maintenance costs and of course, zero fossil fuel combustion.

Our strategy is supported by multi-year targets in each pillar. Progress toward the delivery of each target is sponsored and supported by a member of our senior management team. In 2022, we continued to make progress on these targets, as is detailed in the report.

Energy revolution starts with sustainable practices

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s Sustainability Report which we believe demonstrate how we are embedding ESG criteria into our business goals, strategy, and company culture.

  • The clean power generated by our PV systems allows for a global annual avoidance of 31 million tons of CO2e. This is equivalent to permanently removing ~6.7 million petrol cars from roads worldwide. Furthermore, over 2.78 million homes are powered by our PV systems.
  • Enhanced efforts at our various sites to maintain employee safety, minimize resource consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize waste impact (88% of waste was recycled/recovered).
  • Implementation of broader measures for energy savings and water reusage at our manufacturing sites.
  • Installation of solar energy systems on the rooftops of three of our global sites with similar installations planned for three additional sites in 2023.
  • Progress made towards enhancing gender equality in our workforce, with emphasis on increasing representation of women in technology and managerial roles.
  • Over 80,000 training hours were undertaken by our global employees in 2022, with new training, development and leadership programs designed to empower our people.

While there is always more to do, we are proud of the positive impact we have made this past year and we pledge to continue to enhance our efforts to create a clean, green and sustainable world for all of us.

Read our 2022 Sustainability Report here and let us know how we’re doing.

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Women in Solar
Empowering Women in Solar
Nitsana Bellehsen | March 07, 2023
International Women’s Day is about celebrating women’s achievements and observing how that propels them forward. Many wonder why we need to mark such a day, in 2023, but nothing makes the case more powerfully than looking at the state of women in tech.  Studies reveal that women make up only about 28% of employees in the tech sector today; 15.9% of all engineering roles  of which only 6% of these are higher management positions.  Just 10% of C-level professionals in the tech field are women, and since 2019, the representation of women in senior vice president roles has decreased from 18% to 13%. How do women in solar fare? Although global numbers in solar, as opposed to other tech, are slightly higher than these, we still only register about 32% women in tech roles. A recent study in Israel looked more deeply into the source of this low female employment rate. They discovered that while 49.5% of high school advanced mathematics students are girls, and only 30.1% of Computer Science university students are women. Although 59% of all university students are female, only 18% of electrical engineering students are women. Expanding the reach of women in solar At SolarEdge, we aim to raise these percentages – and to this end, we support and run several programs that help girls and women at various stages of their education and career to see STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields as viable career paths. These programs are designed to provide girls and women with support and with role models so that they know they can succeed in these fields. Ultimately this will increase the participation of women in solar, so that they too can apply their unique talents to drive the energy transition. To learn more about these initiatives and what it’s like to be a woman in tech, I spoke to the amazing women in SolarEdge who are in STEM roles and also volunteer in the organisations we sponsor. Although far from a scientific study, certain elements really stood out: each of these women either grew up in an environment that encouraged their tech passion or found such a supportive environment later on. Most began their journeys in schools and communities in which other girls were interested in STEM as well, and they were surrounded by family members who either were in STEM fields or championed their desire to excel. Support, role models and a belief that you can aim high seem to be central to the success of these women. This drives home the importance of the work SolarEdge is doing in promoting women in solar; a supportive community and role models can make all the difference to girls and women who otherwise would not have had access to learning about STEM subjects. Below, enjoy the edited versions of my conversations with some of these inspiring women. Dalit Zohar, Director of SW Infrastructure “Hearing me talk about work/life balance inspired younger women to believe that they can succeed in this field” Working in STEM fields was an obvious choice for me, as I studied math and physics in high school. I always studied in environments with a 50/50 gender divide – except for one embedded hardware class which had only 2 women (out of ten or fifteen students).  And that is indicative of fewer women in general in hardware type of jobs – and in electrical engineering. But even though now I am in an environment with fewer women, I don’t feel it hinders my work in any way, nor is it uncomfortable. I volunteer in two different programs; I like volunteering with younger people. SolarEdge sponsors a group of university women studying STEM subjects and we invite them to seminars here at SolarEdge. We basically want them to know that they can succeed, despite any struggles they may experience. I talk about work/life balance often and I share that my daughter, now an adult, supports the fact that I invested in my work. Some people told me that it was important for them to hear my experiences and it made them feel that anything is achievable. I’m also mentoring a first year Technion student; I feel that my role with her is to give her someone with whom to bounce ideas, and to help her to trust her own intuition. Many girls don’t have this growing up and this extra support can make all the difference. This is important if we want to grow the numbers of women in solar. Eden Stahi, ATE Mechanical Engineer, Core Tech “I believe I have the skills to be a leader so I’m now continuing my studies in management.” Everyone in my family is an engineer- except for my mom, who’s a biologist. I was always interested in STEM and actually wanted to work with airplanes. I got into solar because we had solar panels at home, and I became interested in how they worked. Today, I’m a mechanical engineer in the ATE Division, which means I design the testers that automatically test our products and ensure top quality. I began at SolarEdge as a 4th year student and stayed. I believe I have the skills to be a leader so I’m now continuing my studies in management. I think it’s important to volunteer with young girls, especially from underprivileged backgrounds, to show them that if they are interested in these topics, it’s a legitimate career path. We were far too few women when I studied engineering! I want girls to know that they have so much to offer, and I teach them to aim high. I think women really do bring something great to STEM fields and I want to expand the number of women in the field. Exposing girls to STEM can make all the difference for those who otherwise don’t have any role models or haven’t even heard of these fields. Meeting me shows them that it’s possible to succeed. Dana Maklada, HW System Engineer “I decided a long time ago, I can define myself by being a minority or I can see it as a challenge.” I almost didn’t come to my SolarEdge interview because I wanted to stay in academics, and the appointment conflicted with study for a test – but I went – and left the interview thinking: this is a company that is worth making an effort for. SolarEdge makes a difference in the world, and that’s what I want to do with my life.  I’ve always volunteered – in university, I taught young kids math and scientific thinking and I led the Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering Club. Women accounted for a mere 8% of Electrical Engineering students a few years ago, and now women are about 30% of the electrical engineering class. The Women’s Club motivates new students to go further than they thought possible and encourages women to come study. I was a computer nerd since I was a little girl. I’m from the Druze community and when I was in the 7th grade, I was selected as one of the top students in my community to take part in an accelerated math program. By the 10th grade, I was in the Math and Electronics Olympics. When my teacher suggested I could get in to the Technion with my grades, I was inspired. At work, I am one of two women in my group – and the other woman works at a different location – so it’s me and 17 guys. It has its challenges, but I decided a long time ago, I can define myself by being a minority or I can see it as a challenge. I’m actually a minority, within a minority – within a minority. I am a woman, but I am also a Druze, which is a minority within the minority communities in Israel. I deal with it daily – and it forces me to learn self-confidence. And you know, fake it till you make it… With time, you always find your people. I think it’s great when more women are around because they bring creativity to the table.  I volunteer through SolarEdge by sharing my story with the university groups that visit. I think it’s really important because people don’t share what’s hard for them and then it’s harder for others to see the way through to succeed. I am happy to share my story if I can help other people. Rotem Morad, Senior HW Engineer “The management program at SolarEdge helped me to do things outside of my comfort zone and grow.” I volunteer because I want to make a better world for my daughter. And because I believe in the work that we do. Through SolarEdge, I volunteer with “Shavot” an organisation that introduces young women from underprivileged backgrounds to STEM subjects. During high school, girls begin to feel insecure, and play it safe – so programs like this help them succeed. I also was lucky to participate in a management training program that SolarEdge instituted for women in STEM in the company. I learned a great deal, but mostly it was amazing because it gave me the opportunity to do things outside of my comfort zone. Plus, we had a support group where we could get validation for things we felt and experienced. Growing up, I was always a STEM person, since high school and then into the army and studying Electrical Engineering - but I was always alone – almost the only woman among men. It definitely had its challenges, but it was also ok.  I don’t feel that I was ever discriminated as a woman. When I started in the field, women were fewer than 10%, but that’s changing. I think maybe there are some girls who don’t believe in themselves as much as they deserve. And that’s what we are trying to change, at the age where it begins to happen. In SolarEdge, we’re waiting for more women to join us in STEM roles! 1 Women Tech Network 2 Geektime Insider 3 Exploding Topics, 74+ Shocking Women in Tech Statistics 4
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Intersolar 2002
SolarEdge’s Greatest Hits at Intersolar 2022
Nitsana Bellehsen | June 15, 2022
Here’s what created all the buzz in Munich There was something really special about the vibe at Intersolar this year. It was a feeling of celebration. For the first time in what felt like forever, we were able to meet face to face, and everyone came! Intersolar boasted 65,000 visitors from 149 countries - 33% more than the 2019 event before Covid-19. Among those attending, 120 SolarEdge professionals from around the world, including our top management, came to meet colleagues, present our new solutions and share a drink and a laugh together. There was a buzz and excitement in our booth from the moment we arrived until the last light was turned off at night. So, for those who were there and for those who couldn’t make it – here’s a recap of the biggest solar event in Europe in the last two years. Introductions, Old Friends and New Thousands of guests visited the SolarEdge booth during the conference. Our booth tours ran once every half an hour in several languages and were fully booked. During the booth tour, our guests were able to check out the products and solutions we are introducing for residential, commercial and utility markets. A live SolarEdge Home Experience gave visitors a great window into how SolarEdge Home actually operates throughout the day and night. During the show, different parts of the system were illuminated so visitors could experience how SolarEdge Home easily shifts the green energy produced to usage, storage or backup, in order to maximize homeowner savings and convenience. Watch the video below to get an idea of what it was like. We also presented a video highlighting our upcoming EV charging solution for commercial properties. When paired with an enterprise PV system such as a solar carport or a corporate installation, this powerful EV charging platform will enable organizations to provide value added services to their customers or employees, develop an additional revenue stream, and serve as a practical way to reduce their carbon footprint. Competing, Learning and Having Fun In addition to the booth tour, guests joined us for Happy Hour, a cocktail event during which colleagues met face to face, explained the challenges they face in the field and discussed solutions with SolarEdge representatives. Unfortunately, there is no way we can really convey this experience in writing to those who weren’t at Intersolar, but to you we say: come next year! Meeting with colleagues and exchanging ideas generates energy and inspiration for months to come. We also held the acclaimed Designer Competition, during which installers pitted their solar designing skills against each other to see how quickly they could complete the task. Each day, the lucky competition winner went home with a drone. We were excited to see that as many people enjoyed the competition, even more enjoyed meeting with us to hone their skills on the Designer software. Learn more about SolarEdge Designer here. EDGE Academy held a competition during the event to introduce the all-new EDGE Academy, which features certificate and non-certificate courses to help installers improve their skills, regardless of skill level. Prizes were raffled among installers who signed up at Intersolar and subsequently completed courses. You didn’t have the opportunity to sign up for a course and you want to move ahead in your field? No problem, sign up here. It’s a free service. Intersolar Product Highlights For those who were not able to attend the event, here is a roundup of some of the new products and solutions that we presented. SolarEdge Home – the Personal Home Energy Ecosystem SolarEdge Home is a new approach to residential solar, designed to adapt to a homeowner’s changing energy needs day and night. With SolarEdge Home, homeowners produce more energy and can consume and store more for greater savings. The SolarEdge Home Operating System does all the heavy lifting, knowing when to store energy in the battery, how to best balance the home’s energy loads for maximum savings, what is the most cost-effective way to charge an electric car, and how to make sure the power always stays on. S-Series Power Optimizers – Preventing Electric Arcs While homeowners have already been taking advantage of the S-Series Power Optimizers, Intersolar showcased the S1200 Power Optimizer for commercial installations. The S-Series patented Sense Connect technology identifies any irregularities in PV connector temperature - before they develop into an electric arc. The system switches to a safe mode and voltage, and a notification is sent to the Monitoring Platform and SetApp (the installer app) with the exact location of the event. Another S-Series feature is an improved cable design for easier installation and reduced isolation faults. Read about the S-Series here. SolarEdge 330kW Inverter @690V for Large Scale Systems This DC coupled, storage-ready inverter for utility scale PV plants is paired with H1300 Power Optimizers to deliver a lower cost per watt. Module-level MPPT and mismatch mitigation together with DC/AC oversizing capability of up to 200% are instrumental in enabling the system to achieve higher yields. Supporting a record-breaking string length of 40-80 modules, the inverter significantly minimizes BOS costs. This solution is ideally suited to both centralized and distributed deployment topologies. Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology, up to 120kW SolarEdge showcased the inverter that has been selected to power many commercial installations throughout Europe this year. The cleverly designed modular system includes two or three Synergy units and a Synergy manager, with each unit operating individually. The format ensures more uptime for the entire facility and enables an easy 2-person installation. With temperature sensors that detect faulty DC or AC connections, monitored and field replaceable surge protection devices, built-in arc fault protection and optional rapid shutdown (as well as PID mitigation and 150% oversizing), this inverter may well be the safest commercial investment of 2022 yet. Read more here. Trackers by SolarGik The Tracker Control System showcased at Intersolar can increase system performance by up to 6%. With a lightweight frame that supports both ground and rooftop mounts, the trackers add value to installations. The control system adjusts the angle of solar modules according to a smart backtracking and DNI-DHI (direct normal irradiance and diffused horizontal irradiance) optimization program, which maximizes sunlight exposure. Read more about the trackers here. Dedicated Solutions for Rooftops, Carports, AgriVoltaics, Floating PV Solutions SolarEdge presented dedicated solutions to help commercial entities reduce energy costs and achieve ESG goals, including Solar Carports, Agri PV and Floatovoltaics. With module level power electronics and a Monitoring Platform that makes it easy to oversee and maintain large installations while extracting more power from the sun, SolarEdge helps industries adopt profitable sustainability strategies. Safety is critical in each of these verticals – and SolarEdge technology is uniquely suited to these challenges. Until Intersolar 2023 We are here for your questions and comments throughout the year – not only at great events. You can always learn about our latest innovations from your local representatives, local events, or on our website. We look forward to catching up with you and working together to bring better solar PV solutions to every segment of the market. {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default/files/styles/video_embed_wysiwyg_preview/public/video_thumbnails/utou7yE9irU.jpg?itok=jlAAzGDG","video_url":"","settings":{"responsive":1,"width":"854","height":"480","autoplay":0},"settings_summary":["Embedded Video (Responsive)."]}
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