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SolarEdge’s Greatest Hits at Intersolar 2022

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Nitsana Bellehsen

Content Writer

June 21, 2022 Comments ()
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SolarEdge’s Greatest Hits at Intersolar 2022

Here’s what created all the buzz in Munich

There was something really special about the vibe at Intersolar this year. It was a feeling of celebration. For the first time in what felt like forever, we were able to meet face to face, and everyone came! Intersolar boasted 65,000 visitors from 149 countries - 33% more than the 2019 event before Covid-19.

Among those attending, 120 SolarEdge professionals from around the world, including our top management, came to meet colleagues, present our new solutions and share a drink and a laugh together. There was a buzz and excitement in our booth from the moment we arrived until the last light was turned off at night. So, for those who were there and for those who couldn’t make it – here’s a recap of the biggest solar event in Europe in the last two years.

Intersolar 2022 Design Booth

Introductions, Old Friends and New

Thousands of guests visited the SolarEdge booth during the conference. Our booth tours ran once every half an hour in several languages and were fully booked. During the booth tour, our guests were able to check out the products and solutions we are introducing for residential, commercial and utility markets. A live SolarEdge Home Experience gave visitors a great window into how SolarEdge Home actually operates throughout the day and night. During the show, different parts of the system were illuminated so visitors could experience how SolarEdge Home easily shifts the green energy produced to usage, storage or backup, in order to maximize homeowner savings and convenience. Watch the video below to get an idea of what it was like.

We also presented a video highlighting our upcoming EV charging solution for commercial properties. When paired with an enterprise PV system such as a solar carport or a corporate installation, this powerful EV charging platform will enable organizations to provide value added services to their customers or employees, develop an additional revenue stream, and serve as a practical way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Competing, Learning and Having Fun

In addition to the booth tour, guests joined us for Happy Hour, a cocktail event during which colleagues met face to face, explained the challenges they face in the field and discussed solutions with SolarEdge representatives. Unfortunately, there is no way we can really convey this experience in writing to those who weren’t at Intersolar, but to you we say: come next year! Meeting with colleagues and exchanging ideas generates energy and inspiration for months to come.

Intersolar 2022
Intersolar EU Munich Germany 2022

We also held the acclaimed Designer Competition, during which installers pitted their solar designing skills against each other to see how quickly they could complete the task. Each day, the lucky competition winner went home with a drone. We were excited to see that as many people enjoyed the competition, even more enjoyed meeting with us to hone their skills on the Designer software. Learn more about SolarEdge Designer here.

EDGE Academy held a competition during the event to introduce the all-new EDGE Academy, which features certificate and non-certificate courses to help installers improve their skills, regardless of skill level. Prizes were raffled among installers who signed up at Intersolar and subsequently completed courses. You didn’t have the opportunity to sign up for a course and you want to move ahead in your field? No problem, sign up here. It’s a free service.

Intersolar Product Highlights

For those who were not able to attend the event, here is a roundup of some of the new products and solutions that we presented.

SolarEdge Home – the Personal Home Energy Ecosystem

SolarEdge Home is a new approach to residential solar, designed to adapt to a homeowner’s changing energy needs day and night. With SolarEdge Home, homeowners produce more energy and can consume and store more for greater savings. The SolarEdge Home Operating System does all the heavy lifting, knowing when to store energy in the battery, how to best balance the home’s energy loads for maximum savings, what is the most cost-effective way to charge an electric car, and how to make sure the power always stays on.

Intersolar 2022 SolarEdge Home

S-Series Power Optimizers – Preventing Electric Arcs

While homeowners have already been taking advantage of the S-Series Power Optimizers, Intersolar showcased the S1200 Power Optimizer for commercial installations. The S-Series patented Sense Connect technology identifies any irregularities in PV connector temperature - before they develop into an electric arc. The system switches to a safe mode and voltage, and a notification is sent to the Monitoring Platform and SetApp (the installer app) with the exact location of the event. Another S-Series feature is an improved cable design for easier installation and reduced isolation faults. Read about the S-Series here.

SolarEdge 330kW Inverter @690V for Large Scale Systems

This DC coupled, storage-ready inverter for utility scale PV plants is paired with H1300 Power Optimizers to deliver a lower cost per watt. Module-level MPPT and mismatch mitigation together with DC/AC oversizing capability of up to 200% are instrumental in enabling the system to achieve higher yields. Supporting a record-breaking string length of 40-80 modules, the inverter significantly minimizes BOS costs. This solution is ideally suited to both centralized and distributed deployment topologies.

Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology, up to 120kW

SolarEdge showcased the inverter that has been selected to power many commercial installations throughout Europe this year. The cleverly designed modular system includes two or three Synergy units and a Synergy manager, with each unit operating individually. The format ensures more uptime for the entire facility and enables an easy 2-person installation. With temperature sensors that detect faulty DC or AC connections, monitored and field replaceable surge protection devices, built-in arc fault protection and optional rapid shutdown (as well as PID mitigation and 150% oversizing), this inverter may well be the safest commercial investment of 2022 yet. Read more here.


Trackers by SolarGik

The Tracker Control System showcased at Intersolar can increase system performance by up to 6%. With a lightweight frame that supports both ground and rooftop mounts, the trackers add value to installations. The control system adjusts the angle of solar modules according to a smart backtracking and DNI-DHI (direct normal irradiance and diffused horizontal irradiance) optimization program, which maximizes sunlight exposure. Read more about the trackers here.

Intersolar 2022 Trackers

Dedicated Solutions for Rooftops, Carports, AgriVoltaics, Floating PV Solutions

SolarEdge presented dedicated solutions to help commercial entities reduce energy costs and achieve ESG goals, including Solar Carports, Agri PV and Floatovoltaics. With module level power electronics and a Monitoring Platform that makes it easy to oversee and maintain large installations while extracting more power from the sun, SolarEdge helps industries adopt profitable sustainability strategies. Safety is critical in each of these verticals – and SolarEdge technology is uniquely suited to these challenges.

Intersolar 2022 SolarEdge Booth

Until Intersolar 2023

We are here for your questions and comments throughout the year – not only at great events. You can always learn about our latest innovations from your local representatives, local events, or on our website. We look forward to catching up with you and working together to bring better solar PV solutions to every segment of the market.

Intersolar 2023

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