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SolarEdge Home for Installers

SolarEdge Home for Installers
SolarEdge Home for Installers

More Power, More Storage, More Consumption

Be at the forefront of energy innovation and help homeowners make the move toward greater savings and energy independence. The DC-coupled SolarEdge Home solution maximizes your customers’ solar energy production, storage and consumption. More power is harvested from each solar module using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).  And SolarEdge design flexibility lets you maximize space utilization with minimum design time.

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Unique DC-Coupled Solution

Single Vendor Simplicity

Streamline your business with a complete solar, storage, and smart energy management solution from a single trusted source. SolarEdge is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to grow your business. From one software suite and warranty, to a single dedicated virtual and online support team and source of training, there’s no need to divide your energy among numerous vendors.

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Less Hassle with a Single Vendor

Faster, Easier Installation

Reduce installation time and minimize risk of errors with the SolarEdge Home Network, a wireless communication platform that seamlessly connects devices within the SolarEdge Home. No messy cables or conduits and no need to drill holes inside the home – keeping your customers happier while overcoming distance and physical limitations. Simple plug-and-play connection with automatic device detection and configuration using SetApp means less time on-site and fewer manpower requirements.

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Easy installation

More Business Opportunities

Go beyond PV and grow your business by offering additional smart energy solutions like storage and back-up, and EV charging. We offer a wide range of smart energy devices to suit every application and installation need. Homeowners can grow with their SolarEdge Home system, adding new devices and features anytime they like. This scalable approach translates into long-term customer relationships and more referrals.

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More Business Opportunities
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