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Getting More from your SolarEdge Residential Solar System

Monitor and Manage your residential solar system with mySolarEdge

Keeping track of your solar energy is easy with mySolarEdge. This free, easy to use application runs on your mobile device to give you a real-time dashboard of your power performance. Access insights and smart-schedule your energy usage to avoid high utility rates and keep your bills low.


To get started, download the mySolarEdge app today.

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Residential Solar System

Monitor and Manage with mySolarEdge

mySolarEdge Overview & First Log-In
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Checking the inverter status using mySolarEdge
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Configuring your inverter's communication
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Add a Back-up Battery and Take a Load Off your Solar Energy System

If you own a battery-ready SolarEdge inverter, or you’d like to upgrade to one, now is a great time to consider our advanced home backup solution.

Adding a battery will ensure more solar and more savings throughout the year, and protect your home from outages. Your excess stored power can also be sold back to the grid – further adding to the value of your SolarEdge investment.

SolarEdge home backup is compatible with the SolarEdge Home Battery - Low or High Voltage, as well as LG Chem RESU batteries.



Add a Back-up Battery and Take a Load Off

It’s Time Your Home Got Smarter

Smart energy devices are taking their place in just about every room, creating new opportunities to control and manage your home’s power requirements. With your future-ready SolarEdge inverter, you can add an EV charger, back-up batteries, heating and cooling devices and more – all powered on sunshine. So don’t just settle for PV when you can maximize your home’s energy efficiency and savings with your own smart energy system.

With SolarEdge, home is where the smart is.

It’s Time Your Home Got Smarter

Drive Your Car on Sunshine

Whether you already own an electric vehicle or are planning to get one in the future, charging your EV with solar energy ensures your driving is both cost efficient and sustainable. With SolarEdge's award-winning EV charger, you can:

  • Easily track your energy and control charging in one app
  • Activate charging on your solar energy system from anywhere
  • Use smart scheduling to charge when electricity costs are low
  • View charging history and manage your energy savings
Drive Your Car on Sunshine

Need Tech Support?

To troubleshoot common issues, please access our easy to use self-service wizard. 
You can also use the wizard to perform a quick system check.

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Need Tech Support?