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California Net Metering 3.0 - Installers

NEM 3.0 Is Coming April 14
NEM 3.0 Is Coming April 14

Get Ahead of NEM 3.0 and Stay Ahead​

With big changes coming on April 14th, now is the time to ensure continual growth for your California business. Win today – and keep winning in NEM 3.0 – with SolarEdge Home’s DC-optimized technology.


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Get Ahead of NEM 3.0 and Stay Ahead​

What Will Change in NEM 3.0?


  • California export rates are being reduced
  • True Up Bills will be monthly - not annually
  • Export rates will be based on hourly values that vary by month and day of the week
  • Export adders will be included for PG&E & SCE based on year of interconnection for 9-year term
  • Oversizing permitted by no more than 50% of previous 12 months’ usage

Who Will Be Affected by NEM 3.0?

  • Primarily California customers serviced by: 
    • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
    • Southern California Edison (SCE)
    • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • California system owners with interconnection applications submitted after April 14, 2023
What Will Change in NEM 3.0?

Grow Your Business with NEM 3.0

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Grow Your Business with NEM 3.0
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Everything You Need To Know About NEM 3.0

What is NEM 3.0?​

NEM 3.0 is a new version of the net energy metering (NEM) billing structure that goes into effect April 14th, 2023, in California, enabling utilities to reduce homeowner export rates​

How will NEM 3.0 impact my business?

NEM 3.0 will encourage homeowners to install a battery with their PV to maximize savings. To continue to grow your business, it is crucial to start selling solar + storage now and educate customers on the many benefits of self-consumption in the new NEM 3.0 world.

How do I lock in my customer’s current NEM 2.0 rate?​

  • A submitted interconnection agreement to the utility by April 14th, 2023 that meets the following criteria:​
    • Your customer's name must match the name on the utility bill​
    • Include a signed contract with a CSLB disclosure document and signed Customer Protection Guide​
    • Includes a single line diagram (SLD)​
    • Includes oversizing verification (if needed)​
  • The system must be installed within three years of application approval to the utility to qualify​

Will NEM 3.0 impact my customers with existing solar systems?​

No. All systems with an approved interconnection application submitted to the utility by April 14th will remain under their current structure.​

How will battery benefit my NEM 3.0 customers?​

NEM 3.0 incentivizes homeowners to export to the grid from a battery during certain times of the year. Homeowners are also incentivized to maximizeSelf-consumption as much as possible.​

Can customers enrolled in NEM 3.0 still export energy back to the grid? ​

Yes. However, their rate of compensation will be reduced​

Are there system size limitations under NEM 3.0?​

Yes. You may only oversize systems up to 50% greater than their previous 12 month’s energy usage.​

How often will the export rates be updated?​

The Avoided Cost Calculator (ACC) will be updated every two years. ​

Is there an additional grid access fee homeowners will have to pay under NEM 3.0?​

There is no additional access fee outside of the standard $10-15 monthly access fee that exists currently. ​

How are utilities incentivizing battery installs?​

PG&E and SCE are offering homeowners monetary incentives on top of the standard export rate for up to 9 years. These "adders" will vary among utilities, income brackets, and will decrease over the years.​

Do customers get adders by default, or do they need to apply for them?​

Assuming the system meets the NEM 3.0 requirements, homeowners will receive the adders automatically.​

If the system changes ownership, can the new owner reapply for adders?​

They can not, the adders only apply to “the customer that originally causes the system to be installed”. ​

How will True Up Bills be affected?​

Under NEM 3.0, True Up Bills will be monthly, not annually.​

If a NEM 1.0 or 2.0 system changes ownership, will it move to NEM 3.0?​

No, the system remains under its original interconnection agreement.

If my customer’s system was installed under NEM 2.0, can they add battery storage and keep their status?​

Yes. If your customer’s approved interconnection agreement was submitted to the utility before April 14th, 2023, they may add battery storage anytime and retain NEM 2.0 status.​

What Is SolarEdge Home?​

It is an industry-leading solar-powered smart energy ecosystem – with connection to battery, EV charging and more.
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